Thursday, April 5, 2018

The world of GGG; my workplace

GGG, grind grind grind is my workplace new much ups and downs for the past couple of months. but GGG describes most of it.

When things started to stabilize at GGG, it took another wild turn.
So im gonna pack and leave my homeground soon, in a week. bye internal platform and welcome back to frontline.

Another milestone hit. Just finished my C&Q level up from 2 to 3. and seems like with flying colors.
Then another good one will be seems like tomorrow i will be seeing the HOD about lvl-ing up $$.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Light layout design for SS draft 1 & ramblings about choosing

Let's see if GF plaster board can proceed. Then we can use downlight designs for a brighter living room as draft below.

Keep the other rooms standard 1x cool white LED + 1x warm LED. Betting on developer's original layout should be sufficient despite what the reno contractor recommends as alternative overlapping LED placements on more points using weaker watt lights.

Below is shopping list for round 2 trip, hopefully last trip to the lighting shop.

A friend's hubby who is eletrical guy as his main job advises to go for 840 type LED, which is 4000 (K) warmth which is more gentler to our eyes. Try not to go for 830 LED , 3000 (K) as its more yellow.

830 = warm white, 840 = day light.

Quick googling for LED color temperature chart probably can help here.

LED light price scale with its Watt output. My take should be it's the intensity or how strong the light is. So if bigger space can opt for more lights or pick at least 18W to 25W LED. Those downlight type comes with it's driver part, so any damage happen to it we just replace the whole unit.

Another cheaper type is the downlight cone type. We screw normal E27 LED bulbs or incandescent bulbs if you feeling so old school to the holder. Bulb got blowed out, you buy new bulb any DIY replace yourself like a boss, easy as how kiddos replace caps of their coke bottle. The downside is it looks very old fashioned, else i would practically go for this type.

Oh right, the shopping list, below is the draft if everything goes according to plan.

6 pc from Car porch, gate lamp and staircase area.- need to snap photo for actual location of staircase again.

20 pcs from Balconies, bathrooms and bedrooms

11 pcs from kitchen area, living room, prayer table, store room and utility room.

Below are some idea for tiles grabbed from pinterest.

Balcony idea 1 - same size, different shade of colors

Kitchen /utility room idea 1 - 4 colors group into diamond shaped arrangnment. 2x white, 1x grey, 1x black.

Kitchen wall idea 2-  mosaic effect.

Kitchen idea 3- abit tricky since already have existing lower part such as above and need match. If wrongly match, the atmosphere it projects is kind of uh...toiletry? Current lower portion of tiles is a 1x1 feet light orange/beige color. So am thinking to go with subway/brick style laying for tile of similar shade color but maybe larger pieces.

Check how many LED lights your room/house need & my thoughts on renovation's choice

Got different feedback from contractor saying that the original developer's layout or placement of wired power point is insufficient. He suggest to for example in bedroom place 4 LED points to have sufficient light...

Maybe this is dependent on taste, requirement for use and what we intend to do with the rooms. E.g. reading, sleeping , relaxing etc......Living room most likely we can treat it as a showroom; have extra LED lights to eliminate shadows and give stronger light ambience.

Then there is also a choice of warm light (yellow, quite dark) , cool white (soft but white) and bright white (strong white light, but not necessarily highly luminescent than cool white) . This is input we get when we visited Puchong's Houses of Lighting , famous shopping place for cheap lightings.

Anyway, back to the topic; a little surf with Mr G reveals there is probably some scientific backings to how much light we need and formulas..hmm interesting if I have time to ponder about it. Not the right time at the im losing sleep trying to archive all my current thoughts now.

Link for reference here.

I took a sample of our bedroom, 14 ft x 16 ft x 10ft as in width x length x height.
Seems like depending on the design we want, we have quite some option. So not true that a bedroom of this type of size needs at least 4x 18W LED downlights.

We sort of decided against getting a hood. Seems quite useless in 3-5 years time, in addition to it's crusted oil debris on the hood steel linings that can contaminate your cooking over time. There is also maintenance for baffle type filter hood which is about min once in 2 weeks of heavy cooking. The cost of getting a hood seems more like will be put in better use if a) we install a 10' exhaust fan b) after 5 years we repaint the ceiling. Only worry i have is whether the build in cabinets will survive the test over time. That will remain to be answered by then i guess.

For sink, we are looking for at least 0.8 mm thickness type, probably narrow down to Cabana and HCE. One other requirement we need is the basket type filter that comes along with the drain. Undermount type is more thick and expensive apparently.

Tile - remains unexplored. Guocera is probably the brand of choice until we pay a visit to Super Ceramics.

Hob - narrowed down to Rubine, RGH-PEPPER2B-BL. Price wise economical, have safety valve, cast iron , aeshetic value with 6mm tempered black glass. Lowyat post have one guy commented that better get at shop since it will include cap and hose i suppose for hood and no additional delivery charge.
Another surf around the net, cast iron seems like is preferred for its sturdy build, lasting and non stick characteristics. However, its heavy , hard to clean , tend to rust if requirements permitted it and retains heat (well useless since we talking bout stand here, not cookery). One remark i heard is , cast iron is heavier, which helps it stabilize better for pan/pot balancing, not sure if this is true though.

from lazada, any thoughts about this? gimme a holler yo.

So much to do, yet so little time. Feels like racing uphill against current if this laments even make sense at all now..

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Suki-Ya Shabu Shabu @Mytown Cheras shopping mall

Was introduced to my colleagues to this shabu shabu steamboat buffet restaurant @ Paradigm previously. This time we visited Mytown and IKEA Cheras to buy some curtain rails & also got there early for baby E to play at Ikea's Smaland play area. (foc of course haha). Come lunch time, we proceed to Mytown Level 2 which is also at same floor as Arashi Shabu Shabu. Not sure how good is Arashi , maybe next time can try out.

GPS location: 3.1350649,101.7124423

Parking of course is at carpark, which totals up to RM2.22 for our visit of plus minus 4 hours. I got the discount chop scan for my touch n go from the Ikea's cashier counter when making payment.

Here is the setup. Choose 2 base - we took kimuchi , a slightly spicy kimchi soup like base and shabu shabu which is basically a clear stock. Vinegar & the sweet spicy sauce is given as the condiments by default and each pax get to choose either lamb, chicken or beef slice - the main shabu shabu treat.

According to wiki, the Japs actually use uncooked egg as one of the dips. Take a slice of your meat, dip into the boiling soup until it turns and quickly take out and dip slightly into the raw egg and eat. Well, im not really that adventurous, so go into very classic steamboat style dip until it turn, wait a while to make sure everything's cooked and dip into the provided sweet spicy sauce or vinegar if i feel like it.

Vinegar on left , the sweet spicy sauce on right.

Here is a closer look at the pot before things get pretty steamy and soup is boiling. The veges and meatballs are all buffet style on the counter, feel free to grab as much as you can stomach. There is also a small sushi corner with ready made sushis for your consumption. The other side of the buffet counter is the soft serve green tea, chocolate or mixed of both ice cream machine.

We ordered chicken and lamb. Don't take beef so didn't try out. Chicken is pretty normal, lamb is nice and we are not limited only these 2x2 trays stacked together, order at will and fill yourselves silly.

I'm thinking this is pretty good treat after a long day burning carbs like a half day gardening, or hiking etc..then refill back your depleted energies through a sumptuous shabu shabu meal. like this one Pretty darn nice.

After all the things consumed, there is always rooms for a cup of ice cream to seal the meal. It's free for baby E and price per pax is ~RM35 , additional RM2 for weekend dining. The meal totals up on damage of ~RM81 including 10% tax and 6% service charge.

Not too bad given the unlimited ordering and veges/meatballs we can take from the counter.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Minor Reno - DIY Wall mount Fan Installation

Got a broken wall mount fan at my condo unit. Was looking around Old Klang Road and can't seem to find alot of electrical shops instead so many air cond only or car air con shop and tons of foodie shops. OKR ppl loves their air-con eh?

Anyway, I went back to Yat Sin Electrical @ Taman United which is pretty much 5 min away from the condo and they don't do installation service as what they told on my last visit there. So i came prepared with my tools and a ladder.

KDK wall mount fan

Bought the KDK wall mount which is their cheapest, and at one hardware shop brought one block of wire connectors. This type of fan has a power plug like those normal electrical devices used in kitchen, so need to DIY a little, cut off the power plug since my original wall mount is direct wired not via a plug.

KDK wall mount fan : RM170
Wire connector block : RM1.50

Wire connector

Let's get started. Unpack, check everything is there.
The wall mount hook is not needed , just reuse existing mount already screwed to wall. Cut off the power plug.

Strip the cables of fan, make sure to switch off house power breaker.
Connect the wires together via the connector block.
Green to green, brown to brown and blue to blue. (brown/blue = neutral/live), can use the same AC power detector pen to test out whether the current supply is running before turning off the breaker.

Before visiting the fan shop, I actually tested that the cables are carrying current to ensure that my power supply lines are fine, and that the old fan unit is damaged.

From fan unit side.

From power supply outlet side.

Once connected, test out the fan unit before assembling the rest of the stuff. Back cover first, the round holder to keep it in place, then fan blades and its black holder. Finally the front cover, fit it in with a snap and secure by closing the plastic latch.