Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Audacity for customizing your ringtone

Actually I am just doing some sharing work. One or two years ago, I stumbled upon a blog post that describes the how-to on this very same topic. Could not remember who this fellow blogger was unfortunately, to credit this work for.

The software that we are going to use is Audacity, a FREE Digital Audio Editor. Meaning that it is free for download, but depending on which country you are in, it’s better to read the disclaimer and licensing part before you download it.

Thanks to a bunch of computer geniuses around the world that worked this out for free, we are
here to enjoy this. Here is the link that worked for me, maybe not working now.
Well, I don’t think it’s hard to Google up a free download link anyway.

1. Simply install the software, and also get the lame_enc.dll that will allow us to export audio files that we edited.
2. Under Edità Preference , set the path for the lame_enc.dll in your PC.
3. Tadaa! Now we are free to edit/export mp3 songs for ringtones. =)

In case you are wondering why all the fuss here, I am one of the average dude that uses handphone with internal memory of <20MB and with no external memory Card with gigantic xx GB space. The typical lower-end type of phones that probably don’t appeal to snatch thieves. And then I looked at the humongous ringtones download ads everwhere for like RM1/2/3 per (portion of a?) song. That’s a total rip-off.

So I’m spreading a bit of love here :p. Of course you will need the actual mp3 song before you start modifying your own ringtones. Heck, you can even do your own special songs by cutting various parts of the mp3 and putting them up together. It’s simply a matter of select and copy-paste to new windows. Audacity is quite user friendly to not need a guide to start with, at least for me.

Well, hope this is of some use.