Monday, September 26, 2016

Kaki Bola XO Fish Head Noodle shop @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

This is a new branch from the original Taman Segar that someone shared in lowyat forum before previously. We decided to drop by and give it a try since it's conveniently relocated to our neighbourhood.

GPS location: 3.0523805,101.7886603,20

Not found on googlemap, it's right beside this shop shown above.
On the row opposite the big park in Mahkota Cheras shoplot area, same row as the pharmacy.

Clear soup version. Portion is quite good, but price wise slightly higher than it's rival in vicinity of shoplots here @ ~RM 12-15 per bowl.

With milk version. We tried the tomyam soup fish head too, very spicy actually even more spicy than the soup from Ken & Shirley's @ Serdang/Seri Kembangan area. So whether it's good depends on your tolerance to spiciness.

Overall this is very good place to get good fish head mee hoon. The soup has good homey taste with less MSG flavoring, so you don't get really thirsty after the meal. And it's perfect for non-fuss eating. Dish is served with either fish head/meat/paste +  mee hun or lai see fun (laksa noodle) and pieces of tomatoes and salted vegetable. Just simple neat & nice. The cook really perfected crunchy fried fish, even with only tong sang fish, so thumbs up for this and definitely our choice to come back for more.

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