Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Here is for a good year 2014. Merry Christmas to E reading and entertaining herself beside me :)

It's been a year of drastic changes. New work plaçe  is never boring. Now with a new project around the corner it feels like fire fighting all over again. Wrll gotta checkout now.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Yang Sheng Vegetarian @ Mahkota Cheras

For dinner today we decided try out one of the many vegetarian shops that seems to mushroom around Mahkota Cheras. There are so many to choose, so we just picked one that we found parking space nearest to it.

It's on the same row as Kampar guys shop. Seems pretty packed at 7pm+ when we arrived. There are plenty of choices they offered.
Front view

 So many choices, ramen, noodles, fried rice, ala carte dishes, soup ..all vegetarian choices

 Interestingly the laundrybar beside has a modern looking vending machine. All touch screen interface. Neat :)
 From front view, not sure why but the shop layout leaves a pretty big space at the front while all the dining tables are squeezed to end portion of the shop. Save the number of fans used? :D
 Soy drink, they collaborate with this BD i guess, with bubble milk sealing style. Available in cold only with options to go with sugar or non-sugar. Anyway, for RM3 the Saturday pasar malam aunty soy drink beat this hands down anytime.
Chinese calligraphy for wall deco.

Pumpkin soup ramyun. Not bad, but not really extraordinary.. It's topped with carrot tomato,mushroom , black fungus strips , and some vegetarian beancurd and vege meatball. At least we can see that this soup is really made from pumpkin albeit a little clear for a pumpkin based soup. Maybe the soups added with more water when cooking, still from the taste its quite certain there is minimum MSG added.

Top is herbal soup ramyun, well basically almost same ingredient with some tofu added.
Bottom is Lo Mee..well it s a bit inaccurate to call it Lo-Mee, should've been Lo-ramyun which sounds even weirder haha. 

They used ramyun noodles for the Lo -Mee too. Portions are quite big but taste-wise might be on bland side for most people. For those clear soup lover might find these to their liking, or some of the days that we might prefer something a little more light on taste will find this an ok-lah. Not too bland and not too flavourful. Again, almost same ingredients are tossed in the Lo-Mee with addition of some vege and egg. Of all 3 this is my favourite.

The bill totals up to RM28.30 for 3 person and 1 drink. 
This is pretty standard pricing for vegetarian food restaurant. 
Still comparing value for money-wise, i would say that so far Won Korean is still the king. See the post about it.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Won Korea @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

This korean food restaurant has been around for at least 2 years now in BMC. Finally we paid the eatery a visit today. Initially we wanted to visit the noodle shop at the same row here opposite the Nandos Mahkota Cheras, but parked nearer to this place.

Won is the currency name of South thinking of we have a shop called Ringgit Malaysian ..hmm..somehow the latter sounds much more lame and inferior =_= '

Overall would say that its really value for money meal, affordable price & adequate portions. There are set meals , noodles and some other family sets meant for larger number of guests also not to forget the more luxurious barbeque sets priced at RM25+ above.

With 2 min set , we get side dish in addition of sujeongkwa tea for each person (4 of us total). Its quite a good deal, the price of each set or noodles set are cheaper than what we can normally find in a typical Korean restaurant. 

Also, we noted the shop owner is a Korean lady who speaks so-so English, enough to communicate is good enough by Korean standards from my experience :)

 Kal Guksu is clear soup with hand made noodle with veges. No meat, but priced at RM7, what could we ask for more ?
Dolsot bibimbap, they actually give the bottle of guchajang (Korean pepper sauce) with enough portion of minced chicken. the ceramic(?) bowl keeps the food warm for your consumption at leisuire.
The famous jajang myeon. Hand made noodle topped with sliced cucumber. The black bean sauce (i think) is accompanied by minced chicken and some sort of vege. Taste is much better than the vege version i had at Ampang Mall.

 My ordered dish of pork stew cooked with kimchi & guchajang. Taste is quite good with good portions of dish to brown rice ratio.

Side dish are refillable and taste quite fresh. Also, same for any typical Korean restaurant we get free water. The tea that comes with our lunch set is sweet with a strong cinnamon scent. Ok la to me, but no seconds please :)

Overall a pretty good foody experience with most of the tables for 4-6 guests having partition to provide some privacy dining. Recommended to try and would want to come back and try other stuffs such as deokbokki, rabokki and kimchi jigae.
Total food ordered above cost RM48 total. (RM12 per person)

Good job Won Korea.

Apologize for the bad quality pics...was feeling hungry to try take better shots.

Updates: Click to read more updates in my newer post. Well, it's been couple of years since this post and thanks for the support to this particular post with such huge page hit. Happy reading!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Useful websites from LH 1

I think i used barely 5% of the websites listed by life hacker. Now is a great chance to keep them for future reference. Gotta try them all!

29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

too much safety is dangerous

We have tendency to grow comfortable and predictable with existing conditions.. even those undesirable to us. in the workplace we end up tolerating dead end jobs professions we dislike, and bosses that mistreat us.we resist making changes cause we fear the unknown.
"Do you dare to dream?"

there will be time to find something that will stretch your talents more.have faith in yourself. when your instincts tempt you to take risk on something that is not life and death matter, than do so with confidence..

the greatest risk may not be in leaving your job..don't wait for the right time to quit. there is never a right time. make calculated moves.

the risk of taking action can be lesser than the risk of inaction. life is a perilous journey at best. there is a time you have to be courageous and dive into the unknown. when your inner voice is telling you to take a risk, its best to do so even your rational mind may be telling you otherwise.following the tried and proven path may appear safest but in some ways creating your own trail will bring more adventure and satisfaction.

if the path you take in life feels really safe then its probably is not the one that will bring the best out of you. you might even regret not attempting the ones less travelled. the moral of risk taking is emphasized in the old adage: "someone who tries to do something and fails a lot is a lot better off than the person who tries to do no nothing new and succeeds".

quoted from "101 really important things you already know, but keep forgetting"

With this, i took a leap of faith in my life from the path I trailed over the past 3.5 years. Jumped out really close to 100% out of my comfort zone I created over my entire 7+ years of my career and will not look back. Will not care what others will say, just turn around and slam the door behind. (sounds familiar? Refer to soundtrack "Let it go" from Frozen, pun intended :p )

I hope this will help motivate and inspire friends or anyone out there who felt like they got stuck somewhere in life and needed encouragement to make the jump. Just believe in your instinct. Well, i should survive to tell about my 'jump' soon enough :)

Below is a video by juan ferrando related to my post.
Another nice place for me to keep it in the cloud hehe :)