Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Get Metered Taxi at KLIA 1

As a service to my taxi guy yesterday. Nowadays Grab/Metered taxi guys can now pick up passengers from airport. They were prohibited from doing so not too long ago (last year i think). 

Just drop this fella a whatsapp message if your destination is around Sg Long/BMC/Balakong area as he stays near this area. He charges a standard start rate of RM3 and the rest by normal metered rate. Depending on traffic jam i guess and this green buggy he drives can fit 4 check in sized luggage which will be helpful if you happened to need bigger taxis.

It's nice to know that your taxi is already arranged before you even arrived in airport. I messaged him 1 day before flight time & gave him flight information (he needs this to register with airport counter). Just drop down to Level 1 from arrival hall (Level 3). There are also metered taxis waiting at this area. At least airport transfer is not as expensive as airport limo now.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Goodbye Baicaoyuan

Finally it's the last day of the 2 week C8 training. Quite a good experience to hear from your colleagues from all over the world. Pretty fun to have Europeans in the class. Polish, Italian and Russian people are quite outspoken and makes things quite interesting.

Z-nation S1 finished through class tablet. Huawei M2 tablet is pretty neat thing to have at ~RM1200 might be a good buy.

Enough of too oily and salty food, but we'll still be in SZ for another 2 days. Enough smacking of mosquitoes in hotel room. Cheap Tsingtao @ 3.9 Yuan per bottle. Well, i guess it's time to head back home soon.

Important thing is we make more new friends this time around.
Kind of miss baby girl & wifey. Yea, i'm coming home.

Park inside Block F Training Center

Still inside Training Center

lobby of the training center

common queue

Lobby of Baicaoyuan

One of the noon time outdoor class activities

It's quite a fun class.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

McD near Baicaoyuan (Elite Garden Hotel)

MacDonald's in China have chicken ham meat burger. The set costs 18 RMB and comes with fries and coke. Not really that nice as they serve only with ketchup.

Based on the photos i see, the location is roughly here i guess.
GPS location: 22.6504371,114.0619736,17

China McD also serve some chicken chop with rice but doesn't look nice. There is a babi bun, the green bun..might try that later on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

China oh China

quite a bummer actually. google photo blocked, google blocked, google maps blocked. Can't even get my photos out from the Mate 8 without installing HiSuite. Well, it's been a busy week. Go to training class, finish on average at about 6+ till 8pm, have dinner then go back & work. Been trying to push what i can to others.

Here is some photos around training center.

Block F canteen

Block E

Still block F...dem huge. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hello Hong Kong @ iHotel Tsim Tsa Tsui

Finally after so much preparation for training (exams, case study Q&A) alongside daily work routine ,we departed for Hong Kong which is the side trip (2D1N) before the ShenZhen training starts on Monday 16/May.

Flight from KL at 9am and i'm using taxi to airport. Suppose mytaxi(or Grab) are pomoting their RM65 low-price on the android app, but choosing this option, you will never get an answer. After few tries, i choose the meter taxi and wham in less than 2 min i get a reply. See, all the hype and promotion for a 'virtual' promotion. Thanks a lot Grab- sarcasm intended =_=.....

 Mas in-flight meal, can't go wrong with nasi lemak.

Was a smooth ~3.5hr flight and managed to finish Deadpool. Love the anti-hero guy hehe 

From HK airport we took taxi instead of metro since we had luggages and not familiar with our destination hotel. Estimated taxi fare is ~220 HKD according to a brochure in airport. Don't forget to pick up the Hongkong/MRT map as well while you are at it.

Mr. Taxi driver bringing us across Ma Wan bridge/tunnel. No real jam alongway, total rate charged is HKD 246 , meter only ticks up to ~200 but the toll is the balance of what he added on top of the meter rate.

Opposite side bridge, i suppose this heads towards Northern Territory area.

Real high skyscrapers aka pigeon hole, the trademark of HK. 

Street view.


~30min ride i think.. lost track of time enjoying the view of the ride. We are almost reaching Tsim Sha Tsui/Kowloon area.

From below Kowloon area, just one of the older buildings.

Alas we found it, lot 81 Harilela Mansion along Nathan St.

RM13x each, not too much but not cheap either. Booked via Agoda by my buddy.

GPS location: 22.2974628,114.1697208
It's right beside C exit of Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) MTR station. The real plus point is the location of this accomodation but i'm pretty sure there are tons of such accomodation in this category as well here.

Up 6 floors, call up to enter. Beside is actually food panda restaurant i guess. 

It's a tiny little apartment-like place, separated into ~8 or 9 rooms to act as hotel. 
Free wifi , just what we need here.

View of Nathan st from above.

What you see is what space we get here. Our claustrophobic crib for 1 night.

Well it's clean and have heater, a tiny little bathroom where toilet seat is where the shower water aims at. One have to stand with legs wide apart to take shower..duh ...of course it has a hose, so just remove from the holder yo.

More tiny little nests across the other side.

Actually enough space for a temporary place, we are out most of time. 

Bed, towel and pillow are all clean. But my friend's luggage got intruded by a roach. HK roach with stripes...well they are everywhere and only encountered 1 fella that i let off outside the room. 

Not much you can expect at HK, one of the more expensive city in the world. 

 Here is the shot of heater, half of the sink  and the toilet seat all cramped into a tiny hole they call toilet. 

Gosh...taking a bath can actually wet the toilet roll behind the hidden side of the toilet. Okay, i get it, space is precious in HK. I guess this isn't that bad as others, we at least get a private toilet.

The only walkway inside the hostel/hotel.

Verdict: for a RM25x above it's considered ok, clean and don't expect real hotel space/standard. Strategic location and cleanliness is good. We also get to check out late the next day at no penalty which is a plus point. Beware that although the counter old man said he is on duty 24hrs , he is missing at ~10.30pm when we came back later that day. We were lucky that a guest is leaving and got to enter the premise with no hassle.

How are things now I'm in training at ShenZhen? Not so bad.
Loved that i don't need to travel to workplace, decent speed internet and some nice Video app that can stream movies on class tablet that each of us can us for the training duration. But need to work a little at night. Still it's a nice escape from routine days at Gxxxc office. Make some new friends and had a group of international fellow comrades to discuss/debate in class.

Only hate that they block google photo, google store etc. Didn't miss facebook at all hehe.
My handphone photos backup are all stuck now :(