Saturday, December 8, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

From facebook :)
3 millions book on sale at 75% up to 95% starting yesterday 7-23 Dec.
Location: MIECC (behind Mines 1 shopping mall)

"Souvenirs" from my just-drop-by-to see trip

Dropped by there yesterday just to have a look since i missed out the 2011 sale last year. Ended up buying some hard-covered books (RM8 each!). That's a really good deal and hard to resist.

Hardcovers for RM8 each ^_^ Woots~

Do visit pay a visit if you are nearby, books of all kinds available. They even have one Malay books section. But almost all of them are English books, too bad for folks looking for Chinese books.The previous Chinese book exhibition at this same place just finished couple of months ago if i'm not wrong.

Considering to go back to complete my Demonwar saga series collection and also to grab volume 12 of Wheel of Time that i'm missing.

Went there again today but wasn't able to find anymore Robert Jordan's books and looks like 3rd book for Demonwar saga not here, maybe next year?

Anyway, grabbed one of RA Salvatore's book 'Orc King' seems to be regarding the famous dark elf in Drizzt in the Forgotten Realm series. Hope it will be a good read :)

BBW gift upon purchase today (8th Dec)
Each customer that buys gets a cute BBW card, i guess it doubles as a bookmark too.
Pulverising evil book prices! Ah-Whoo-ooo-ooo~=)