Monday, June 27, 2011

Microsoft Outlook Autoreply of the day

I was at helping someone follow up on an approval flow in the morning this week and happen to get this interesting auto-reply mail.

Translation: "Leave me alone?"

I'm not too sure why someone would setup such an auto-reply.
But, that was funny for a moment.
MS Outlook autoreply ftw :)

Lifehack: The elevator

Writing in from office since house Streamyx is down again in 2 months. I'll write about this further in the next post.

Not too long ago i read something about elevators. If you are living in KL, there is high chances that you need to use elevators daily.

Here is one tip which may or may not work. I've tried this at Alpha Condo and it doesn't seem to work and the few little chance at work seems to work fine. However, it's not recommended unless you are in an emergency cause an elevators' a public facility eh?

Reminds me of one of the games i played on Genius gameconsole(Source:

The trick is to hold the close button and your target level of choice while the elevator is moving. This will probably work for certain models of elevators.

It isn't really rocket science. But if you are into programming you will probably catch the drift here.

Do you program for elevators to ignore inputs if > one (or neccessary) buttons are pressed at the same time together?
If you press the 'close' button in an elevator what is the effect? It will close the door (if not already closed). How about if you press your target level?
Then consider that if someone presses both close and their target level and hold it. There you have it.

Never get far into the higher levels but still was fun hehe(Source:

There is also complexity of multiple elevators. It's not as simple as the microcontroller project during our engineering student days lab project where we program a single elevator in assembly code and it's barely working/understandable. Maybe we are a little dense in the head or our instructors are numbskulls haha.

Anyway, there you have it. Lifehack (love the word) on elevator.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Timing our sleep time

Being a typical salary earner, we often struggle with time.
In short, not enough time (and also money). Well, this time i read some interesting stuff about timing our sleep and let's zoom into the latter which is less complicated.

This came from my favourite site, lifehacker, which apparently, is a compilation or contributions from various blogs/sites.

The typical duration we should target for is 7.5 hours a day.
We start at let's say 11.30 pm and time if we do wake up after 7.5 hours. Do this for 3 days and see if we wake up before our alarm.
If we don't then move this for 15 min and observe for another 3 days.
When you reach the point where you wake up right before the alarm,thats the sleep duration that your body really need.

Interesting idea. But what if we do heavy physical activities daily? Or on intervals such as gym? Or we have a very emotional state? Been through a stressful ordeal?

The list seems endless..well, you get the gist of it, don't you.
Nevertheless, this is still a good idea to try since with good health through getting the right amount of sleep you body need, you spend less on medication in the long run.
Good health + spend less $$ makes a happier guy/gal

That's what i think about it anyway.
At the end of this post, it seems like i raised more questions about this topic than original idea of clarifying it lol.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back here.

I realized that i was out from blogging world for quite some time (almost 1 year since i started like 2 years ago). So i'm making a comeback again here from scratch.

Been a while since i play around these html stuff. Well...not too much of that yet so far with the existance of so many widgets.

Well, so here i am. Back to blogspace...Reconnect...successful :)