Friday, December 23, 2016

Not give a fuck hack by Dimitar Dimov

This is one quite inspiring write up by a Quoran. Keeping it here :)

all sources via Quora.

What's the most outstanding life hack?Please no bland hacks like "asking for an upgrade at a hotel will typically get you one." I'm talking about hacks that are so obscure and effective that you feel like you're leaving most of society in the dust by using them.

So let's see how this life hack can take you miles ahead than most people out there.
We tend to admire people who go out and do the things others only talk about. The famous Nike slogan Just Do It has inspired many to act on their goals, because the quote is simple and effectiveCan you recall the last time when you were in doubt whether to do something or not, but eventually thought Fuck It and you did it? Wasn't the outcome so much better than if you haven't done it?
You think you deserve higher salary? Fuck it, go ask your boss for a raise. Worst case scenario you will be on the same salary… or have a better job. Fancy that girl at the bar? Fuck it, go talk to her. Want to start a new business but no one thinks that you will succeed? Fuck them, start it anyway. You will quickly notice how your confidence grows and with that you also become much more successful.
Shit happens to all of us. That's a fact. What differentiates us is how we deal with it. When you stop giving a fuck, about the small and medium things in life you will see what real freedom feels like.
Sally didn't like your new dress on which you've spent $200. Fuck it, the dress is awesome. Your neighbour did not greet you when he saw you down the street? Fuck it, who cares. Scratched your car? Fuck it, no big deal; scratch remover for $20 will do the job.
Your life will be almost stress free when you stop giving a fuck about the small things in life. You will have more energy and time to concentrate on the important aspects of you life.
Your ability to say Fuck It and Just Do It is what will make your life so much easier. Rejection and failure will not affect you in nearly the same way, which automatically boosts your chances of success. Why? Because you see failure as an opportunity to learn something new. Rejection is a choice to find something better. You see the positive side of life, not the negative one which tends to slowly but steadily turn capable individuals into losers.
When you learn what to care and not to care about you start giving a fuck about the things that are really worth giving a fuck - your family and friends, your health and your spiritual growth.
Those are the things that will make you truly happy, fulfilled and overall a better human being. Everything else falls behind. Life is about living, not existing. Moments, experiences and actions are what make your life worth living. So give a fuck for only those things.
Yes, I've said the F word 14 times… But fuck it, I hope this answer helps.

Pay SSPN through Credit Card via JomPay

Looks like this is only a possibility, at least with Maybank2u.
Go to the link from here.

Can find out the Jom Pay Bill Code, Ref-1 & Ref-2 numbers. Verified it's baby E's account.
Login to maybank2u and look for JomPay.

I tried today to pay via credit card. But maybank2u replied with 'Invalid account'.

Damn..didn't work. Maybe other banks can use credit card but not maybank2u?

image via googleimage

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Pyramid

We headed to Sunway Pyramid again for lunch, this time well..because we can. It's end of the year and our work are all on target. Probably a relaxing week haha. Back to main topic, we come over to this older section of the pyramid, parking is so hard to get even on weekday and we ended up going all the way up to rooftop. Must be the christmas sales eh?

GPS location: 3.0730977,101.6055931

It is located at the skating ring side, Level 1 so you can enjoy some skating scene if waiting for seats. Quite full house when we arrived as the shop is pretty small, it's price is considered average for this place.

Pretty grafitti style paintings on it's bigger wall, environment is not bad.

Front of the shop, don't mind the larger menu as it's too dark to read.

Food Menu

Flip & drinks menu.

Ordered a purple slurpy. The name kind of reminds me of ages ago where we frequented 7-11 for it's slurpee. Nothing special actually on the drink, not gonna try again since it's pretty expensive.

My order of Grilled chicken set. Pretty nice as they pan fry the spaghetti. It can be a little bland for some, but if you drizzle some of the fine black pepper sauce over it. The sauce is quite decent, not too salty and not too spicy or watery just right. The angel hair like spaghetti portion is quite big, so if you are just looking for a bite, maybe share one set among 2 will be just right. 

The whole thing costs me RM24 inclusind GST, it means the price is inclusive which a lot of places are doing otherwise nowadays. Not a shabby place to get cheaper option of spaghetti meal at Pyramid.

Nathan's Famous @ Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

This time around, we were tagging along when one colleague wanted to buy something at Paradigm Mall. With no idea of what to have for lunch, we ended up at Nathan's. It's located at LG floor in front of Tesco area.

GPS location: 3.104788,101.593765

Nothing much about parking, it's darn cheap as it is already since you pay RM1 for about what, 1.5 to 2 hours. Couldn't get any cheaper than this.

Menu cum banner of the small open space stall.

Guess this narrows down our choices.

Lemonade drink from the set. Sour for some, a bit on sweet side to me.

Fries is actually not bad, fresh and hot from oven.

The spicy fried chicken burger. Portion looks a bit sad from first look. Its piping hot and crunchy, but portion is small and taste just average. Sorry to put it this way, as it's spicy chicken fillet burger- in this category KFC's zinger burger and MCD's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe comes to mind automatically. Nathan's lack the spice and juicy taste of either KFC or MCD's so it's pretty mediocre at most and with similar price tag, why pay RM1-2 lesser for a smaller fillet + bun ?

The combo meal @ RM11.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice & Merry Christmas 2016

It's been a good 2016 year in overall. Would like to express my appreciation for all things big or small that I'm blessed with. Made by colleague, Happy Winter Solstice to all. Thanks for the tang yuan.

Also thanks for the effort to being up festive mood, gift packing, preparation and some light snacks. Quite pleasant gift unwrapping session. Low budget, but what counts is the thoughts. Thanks again for a good year,  looking forward to another great one ahead!

Fried Radish Cake (Lo Bak Gou)

Got a radish sitting in my fridge for over a week now, and my hands been itching to use it up. I can't really make very nice radish soup, so this eventually lead to thoughts of making fried radish cake aka Lo Bak Gou. Just google around abit & found this not so difficult recipe.

reference recipe from

Got no chinese sausage, so skip it. Wife don't like scallion or green onion skip it. Don't have cornstarch, use tapioca starch instead. And no more dried black mushroom, use oyster mushroom. Add carrot into recipe.

chop everything

General steps:

1. Chop things up.Everything you can chop.
2. Mix all. General purpose/ tapioca flour, salt sugar, white pepper as batter and set aside.
3. Add water to minced radish, then cook on frying pan for ~15 min to soften it up. Set aside.
4. Fry some minced onion, garlic for couple of minutes, add chopped shrimp, carrot and mushroom.
5. Mix the fried stuff & radish on a plate/container. oil it before mixing. This will go for steaming under mid/high fire for ~50min, i did 60 min.
6. At this point it's cooked, but most people like their radish cake fried a la Hong Kong style. I do add a step to mix some flour & fry so that your frying pan don't get messed with sticky parts falling everywhere. Fry till golden brown, drain & serve with chilli sauce - i skip the sauce part of recipe above.

From left, tapioca flour, chopped shrimp, mushroom, carrot and the minced up radish.

Now it looks a bit like tuna mayonaise when mixing.

Ready for steaming. It will look quite watery even after that, just let it cool and dry down. My first attempt to fry them without any coating is messy.

Here is the end result. This time i messed up, everything is fine except the taste. Too salty, as i misread teaspoon to be tablespoon...damn n00b. Next time will stick to a pinch of salt.

Update: latest attempt below. It's pretty good, would probably change to recipe to add few spoon of white pepper to spice the taste up a bit.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kuchai Lama Food court @ Jalan Kuchai Lama

Came over to look for the prawn mee that's supposedly good. but to our disappointment, the stall is already closed down. Located in a rather peculiar area along Jalan Kuchai Lama the entrance can be easily missed and you can only make a U-turn from very far down the road , that is if you missed your turning into the area.

GPS location:3.081131,101.6649751

Yay for free carpark just beside the food court. This place is in a small little section of its own, cut off from other places except one entrance and one exit. Pretty isolated food court i guess.

Environment is quite ok and some reviewers say reasonable price and cleaner food court. There are many choices as shown above but overall only soso taste wise. It is right beside a steamboat buffet area.

Fried radish cake @ RM6.50 per plate. So so nia lo..good thing is it's not overly salty.

The dry wantan noodle. It's seller claim as no MSG, well i kind of believe him cause it's less salty than your typical salt laden wan tan noodles in most places. But a little bland, so it really dependent from one person to each person whether this is nice.

Nothing particularly remarkable at this place actually, maybe some fried seafood, western food or char koay teow here is good since many people ordered these. Also noticed that they offer jumbo sized drinks, which seem popular among the patronizers. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Simple pancake recipe

Originally was looking into making spring onion pancake or the korean pancake (pajeon), but wifey don't like spring onion, so have to scrap the idea of using spring onion. Referring to a few google recipe and youtube, i got the rough idea of pancake making. 

This pancake recipe is pretty simple and preparation time is really fast (proportional to your own speed, how fast you coordinate & move thins about.)

Few key steps:

a) Chop up vege, mushrooms,  carrots, onions, garlics and in my case some ladies finger. 
b) Make batter, 1 cup of all purpose flour, 3/4 cup of water, some yellow ginger powder, a pinch of salt and half tablespoon of sugar. Mix evenly.
c) Heat up frying pan with cooking oil, fry chopped onions and garlic till slightly brown and add the rest of vege.
d) Add batter, let fry for few minutes, flip and flatten (to make it thin) then after few minutes turn upside down again. Drain oil, then it's done.

 Mix flour, water, salt, water and some yellow ginger, stir well

Fry things.

Add vege.

Being greedy on first try, i poured all batter at once. Should fry one piece by piece, a newbie mistake haha. With experience my pancake frying skill will improve i guess.

Update: With patience it will be a nice pancake.

Taste Gallery @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

This is one of the rare moments that i have lunch alone with my baby girl and babysit her whole day since it's Selangor state holiday and her nanny is off for this time being. Things go quite ok, there are some hiccups here and there but overall considered pretty smooth. First, cook some breakfast macaron with egg and eat together with bread. Then take bath, a walk at Jusco & some light shopping. Then it's lunch time which is just across Jusco Mahkota.

GPS location: 3.0539062,101.7849287
This time i'm parked in side Jusco ,and including some time spent at library, some shopping and a short playground time for baby, it's worth the RM1 fee hahaha. 

Christmas theme deco for Taste Gallery at this time of the year.

It's like a niche cafe for young people to gather & chitchat.

The order is a charcoal bun teriyaki burger that comes with a side dish fries. See baby is hungry and went straight for the fries. Drink is a separate order of soy drink with cincau also average or so so only.

Bun is crunchy and pretty big although the teriyaki chicken is just average.

The whole struggle of bringing baby to a meal is, bringing her over, ordering and then clean up her hands before meal. Finish with an ice cream- her all time favorite. The set plus drink plus ice cream totals up to ~RM27, pretty pricey considering that there is no set promotion available during weekend or public holidays. Nice environment if your focus is on western food and gathering though.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

3 yo cut paper ideas

RSMY house of real beriani @ Bandaraya

Although beriyani rice is probably the main food here, judging by its name we came over for the cheese naan. It's pretty good, you get quite good portion of cheese stuffed inside your naan experience-  give it a try but you might skip on Fridays as they will take a long break over lunch time.

GPS location: 3.158291,101.694692
Just opposite Maju junction or nearby Sogo area, it's an ideal place to grab a bite if you are shopping nearby. You can park around the area infront of RSMY if you can find any available. They are coin operated parking lots, but since you sit in front of the shop you can safely eat on watch haha if you're up to it. Or pay some coins for a peace of mind meal.

There is a lot of cheese in this RM6+ naan , i will let the picture show. The downside is you need to order a side daal or gravy/meat to go with it, unless you like your naan just by itself.

The mango lassi is very thick but abit too sugary for my taste. Costs about RM5+

Here is the naan and the separately ordered daal. If only they serve daal free, it would be perfect. The daal is good and thick , costing RM2 per bowl. It's enough to share for 2 with a cheese nan each unless you are the banjir type of person and mind you this is only normal cheese naan and it's being complimented by some as cheese overflowing (melimpah) at affordable price.

Try topping up another RM2-3 and get the extra cheese naan for a different level of cheesy experience. Might just do that on my next visit =)

Now see this, the cheese filled inside of naan. Just anyone can fall in love with it haha. Recommend to at least try it once. FIL tried it and while visiting for SIL convo and still thinking of it.