Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our backpacking choice: Hong guesthouse @ Seoul

It's been a chaotic week after my marriage dinner & traditional ceremony on 13th and 14th Oct. This is a real milestone in my life. Well, actually our lives since now me and my wife are now officially united as one :)

Here is a photo of our prewedding photoshoot. Sorry it's not showing our face hehe (yes, i do this on purpose)

Been a hectic time since i last blogged, however, for our backpacking trip this time to Seoul in 2 weeks time, our choice of guest house will be Hong guesthouse

There are quite a few reasons why.

1. Location: location, location's all about location for most people. Especially for us first time newbies to Seoul. One of the biggest concern for us is mobility when backpacking. Wifey wants to be able to visit the famous underground Dongdaemun night market and not get stranded in middle of nowhere in middle of night. This guest house seems close enough and we are up to the challenge moonlight walk for ~500m to the market.

2. Price: The price is kind of fair to me. There are many guesthouse / hostel that we can opt for. And probably cheaper love motels in Seoul. At <50 USD per night for ensuite double room it's quite a competitive price.

3. Availability: This one is kind of a no brainer. Still available now. Hopefully i manage to book on time after this blog post.

4. Surveys: Most backpackers do surveys through various sites. I'm happy enough with mostly positive review from many fellow backpackers around the world. Went through,, and See one of the snapshot, so many smiley faces.

5. Security: I think Seoul's hostel security are on quite a good level. Maybe because i live in Malaysia or KL for the matter. We locked ourselves silly, our houses are grilled and equipped with security alarms if we can afford it..Well, this is a different topic from current post and i will skip for now. 

6. Discount: Hong guesthouse actually give discount for those promoting their site. Well, that's an opportunity to kill two birds with a stone- flex my blog-scle after such a long time and also request for discount at the same time.. 

So dear manager and staff of Hong Guesthouse , please give me discount for my stay there :D
We hope to have a great stay there.

Will update again once we're back from our trip. Another service from yours sincerely to our fellow bloggers, in case you   are interested like me to promote the guesthouse, here is the link again of the guesthouse here

*Source of photos: from & of course the first one is from my own collection :)