Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A gentler day

It's my birthday and it seems like God has a way of giving me a break. Or some sort of leeway...Not much trouble given in weekly meeting. Our r&d didnt ffk us. And in general I had a little less stressful day. Hope it turns out betterlike this more often, again I only have a birthday one day a year hahaha..Well hope a bridge not burnt off gives me a glimpse of light at the end...

I ranted on FB regarding what happened. About the blackmail by boss. About being unfairly reviewed based on my latest assignment. (Last year performance) about some crazy arrangement. Dual role that conflicts, one requiring most time at customer site while the other is a demanding internal job...So how? Work day time on project and come back to office at 6pm to start platform work? And to make it worst Saturday meeting n work seems compulsory...Oh goodness

Visit to HUKM KL

Baby E having fever, sore throat and coughing since 2pm yesterday. Early morning we decided it's to pay the hospital a visit. Coughing has been~3 weeks.

Upon arrival at emergency, we first show the birth cert to counter. Get a consultation with a nurse. We waited quite some time here and there due to some funny unclear process the hospital has..

The nurse will provide a slip with number.
Bring this to next registration counter. Yes the slip with number is useless to queue at doctor. Once registered again at registration counter, we were referred to payment counter. There wifey need to refer to Hermis # something that can waive the fee for government staff. Other than that it's pay up first.

Next ,we waited for x Ray result. Blood test result and then immediately got warded as it's suspected as TB infection. So many doctor, in trainingss whatever come by.

Fast forward one rough week. MIL follow me every morning , drop her to hospital with wifey staying there. And last Saturday staying overnight at hospital ...Finally we can discharge as it's just a normal lung infection. It's daily torture as baby E cries and is traumatized by the blood drawing each time.

Once TB test is negative they basically leave us alone. I met a high school mate here, SH Tan...Being a doctor is really taxing n rough. Sacrificed a lot, just like the doctor I spoke to briefly...'We are only human'

Monday, April 10, 2017

10 things to do for 35 to 55 years by ck5354

nice sharing by ck's blogpost. mostly chinese so then translation is a bit skewed to me.
Anyway, it's a good reminder to my (or your) busy daily struggle/drag whatever your situation is in. Be strong & keep going!

Excerpts from the blog - banana version

1、这个年龄已经不允许你不成熟 ( Be mature, let go)
2、储蓄友谊 ( Collect Friendship, this one need to keep it up)
3、播种善良 ( Charity - must do more)
4、懂得音乐 ( Enjoy music)
5、避开两种苦 ( Can't get and Love)
6、学会承受 ( Learn to be responsible, Okay)
7、保留感恩的心 ( Appreciate what you have, Okay)
8、热爱工作 ( Love your job, Okay)
9、善于学习 ( Learn, Okay)
10、享受运动 ( Enjoy Sport/Exercise, this one must keep it up)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

KL to Bangkok -business trip (solo survival journey)

It's been a while since i travelled solo for business. This time to Bangkok via Malaysia Airline.

 Murtabak Ayam..just soso. Maybe nasi lemak is better. Met a dude working for Google, pretty young guy, but didn't manage to get his contacts to keep in touch. Well anyway.

 Get a new SIM +data. For DTAC it's 299 for unlimited data, valid for 7 days. Cause of the long queue, probably the best I guess, and didn't disappoint.

 Machine is coin operated, or queue at counter. This one is outside baggage collection, there are a few smaller stalls. Other choices is True Move and AIS. I saw somewhere AIS gave like 4G unlimited data , valid for 7 days @ 299 baht too.

As soon as I get data, I can call for Grab..It's fixed 500 baht + 75 baht toll fee. This fee is not included in his receipt unfortunately. :( So I kind of got cheated 50baht off my claim, only get the 25 baht toll receipt.

Journey took almost 1hour +, pretty jammed and the taxi driver said a little (niynoi?)

Hakka Lui Cha ,Unnamed stall @ Cheras batu 9 Alam Jaya

Main dish minus grounded tea soup.

Wife suddenly have a craving for Lui cha, an almost full vegetarian Hakka dish and she started scouring the internet, forums & facebook pages for a good place. We had before at Ho Por Puchong and Green Talk @ Mahkota Cheras which is still quite ok, but not really hit the 'yes' spot yet. Read more on lui cha here. She found a place not too far from where we stayed and off we go for it.

Snuck in between one row of malay stalls, this shop is pretty hard to locate if not for one forumer who share the GPS location. Google up for Serata Catering at Cheras Alam Jaya, the stall is right next to it. (Will see if my Google submission is approved to mark it for public).

GPS location: 3.081519,101.7656368

Parking is just right beside the malay stall at a small alley that leads to the main gate of a construction material shop. It's free or can try your luck on the shoprow next to these stalls.

It's a humble stall with very humble pair of husband and wife, very friendly and down to earth beside the main point that they serve authentic hakka lui cha. With all the original ingredients with almost no hint of MSG taste comparatively with all our experience of lui cha in KL/Selangor so far.

This area is a malay reserved land, thus the reason why the stall is sandwiched between so many Malay stalls. The owner even let my MIL cut the the leaf plant they have in front of the stall. It's not available for sale, so they need to grow their own to use it in lui cha recipe. The lady owner is very surprised that we managed to find the place since it's only locals at this area that knows this place, or for some is a customer's friend recommendation. Operating for >10 years and still surviving is a good signs of consistency and ultimately tells me at least the standard of food is above average for a stall specializing on in lui cha.

Today's menu, and any other day - lui cha. 
Closed on Wednesdays.

Price menu and their simple stall.

Sufficient balance of different types of vegetables, yes original lui cha recipe added with lightly fried peanuts and chopped choi poh (salty preserved radish) makes up the dish.

Unfortunately, whether this is really tasty depends on personal preference. I would say this stall serves less salty lui cha, but at a very balanced taste and a tinge bitterness from the pounded tea soup. Resulting in very satisfying meal that detox your body due to it's leafy ingredients.

The soup is thick and mixed with sesame, not too watery. To be honest, lui cha at this price is a steal nowadays. The effort spent to prepare all the ingredients, and time needed to cook, blend and grind the grounded tea soup makes it very worthy for those who knows how to appreciate the dish. Of course the soup don't look as appetizing as it tastes, try it out to find out =)

Mixing in progress. Overall it's really thumbs up, wifey loves it very much -must be a little piece of heaven at Batu9 Cheras. This is a hidden gem for lui cha lovers. Food is prepared in a very authentic way that doesn't deviates from its original recipe. On top of this, it's really cheap & taste is just ~so original, a very rare lui cha place in KL.

Verdict: Yup, it hit the 'yes' spot for wifey. She is lui cha lover since her Uni times @ Johor where lui cha is more common sight than up above regions.

Bi chia bak @ Medan Selera Top One, Taman Desa Damai (opposite CIMB)

This is the place where the sell the same type of Bi chia bak (noodle soup) at centre of pekan Bukit Mertajam. That original stalled did once went to newspaper for a wrong reason - below par hygiene level. Anyway, the stall still has it's back to back generation of fan base for it's very nice chili and very smooth bi chia bak.

GPS location: 5.3641703,100.4443918

Parking is 'free' around this place, well illegally. Carpark lots actually need a coupon display you buy at nearby convenience stall. Since police rarely make rounds here, it's fine as long as you park inside the carpark lot markings but still at your own risk.

This food court serves the same bi chia bak and from the looks of it, same standard of food but at cleaner environment. My bro & SIL is a big fan and regular customer :)