Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is this the end?

This one is not applied by me lately, but one year ago. Got called for interview, and the hiring guy wanted to make it this week. So here I go today.

Good omen in the morning? Great pull in a while. Chow pls show me the light?

I can't see the light at the end already nowadays, in a very dangerous situation, which is losing passion in what I do.

Well who doesn't? A rape victim sure is unwilling yea..or can the so called victim of circumstances be passionate about what they are forced into?

What I feel after the 1.5 hr session... everything seems pretty ok. I forgot to ask one pretty important question, how this vacancy comes about. Anyway, it's another leap of faith, if fate allows it.

#update: looks like i got a VIP session ahead even of Jobstreet post. It pops up in my inbox this morning, same company same position @@ guess some waiting needs to be done.

#update2: now i know why its been quiet. coincidentally i went to a customer's farewell dinner. he took a job there, the gap i hope i can fill in. damn, the rival is too strong. what to do. at least i figured out more or less what happened.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Finding purpose in life - shared by ck5453

Again, a good article re-shared by ck5453. Relevant to me now, kind of know what i wanted but need some luck here and there, and a little push of fate to get to that.

1. Follow Your Heart Not Your Head

You may feel unfulfilled or unhappy if you are currently stuck doing a job that your heart just isn’t in. It’s likely that you spend a lot of time at work, so dragging yourself out of bed to do something that you don’t enjoy every day can feel like a real chore.
Your heart is your strongest indicator of your true purpose and passion. So ask yourself what it is that you’re really interested in and love doing. Landing a job in something that you’re passionate about and that excites you will mean you are naturally more joyful and motivated to perform to your full potential. If you’re unsure exactly what your calling is, a great place to start is to ask people close to you for their opinion.
It can be difficult and overwhelming to pinpoint our skills and qualities when we look at ourselves, but others can easily pick up on things that they notice. Be careful not to go in a specific direction purely down to what others think of you, but take note of what your friends and family believe that you’re good at, and use that as a starting point.

2. Make Memories Over Money

Many people live to work, when really we should all work to live. So it’s important that we don’t forget to do the living! Set time aside so that you’re able to do things for yourself, rather than focusing all of your efforts on your job. Get up early on your days off, so you can get out there and do you.
Ask yourself, what are the things that you really need to experience or accomplish before you die? Is there anything that you would hugely regret not doing before you die? If these questions do provoke answers, then gather them all together into a ‘bucket list’ or a to-do list, and make sure you do them! It may be that you want to travel a part of the world you’ve always dreamt of going, see your favourite artist in concert, climb a mountain, or run a marathon.
You may want to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill, go scuba diving or skiing, or face your fears by going bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rock climbing or skydiving. You might want to go stargazing high up in the mountains, see the northern lights, trek through the amazon rain forest, or raft the Grand Canyon. The point is, if you don’t do all of these things while you can, then sooner or later it will be too late.

3. Build Relationships Over Possessions

You could have the latest smartphone, the flashiest car, the biggest mansion, and 10 holiday homes in the most exotic destinations, but unless you have family and friends to share them with, you will still end up being lonely and unhappy. You will live a far happier life if you invest time into building and maintaining relationships with your loved ones.
Stop watching so much TV, or allowing yourself to become consumed by social media, and focus on the real people in front of you. Always make time for those you care about, put your family first and forgive and forget. Although quality is sometimes better than quantity when it comes to friendship, you should make a substantial effort to nurture the relationships you currently have and always make rooms for new ones.
Many people believe that their purpose in life is to raise a family, and this could be something you want to do in order to fulfil your life. It could be that this doesn’t feel like an option for you, for example if you haven’t found the right life partner to have a family with yet, or it could be for medical reasons.
Instead of giving up if this is your dream, there are other options such as IVF treatment or you may choose to foster a child. Of course it could be that you simply don’t want children at all, in which case you will have a different life experience.

4. Don’t Forget to Give Back

Although it’s important to take from life what you can in order to try and fulfil it, it’s essential that you remember to give back too. Investing in yourself and your future to ensure all areas of your life are successful is key, but one of the best ways to seek happiness is actually through your service to others.
Perform kind deeds without expecting anything in return, and the rest will follow. You could think about letting others know how much they mean to you, by sending a letter or a text to one of your friends or family members. You could donate unwanted clothes or food to a homeless shelter, or buy a homeless person in the street a warm cup of tea or a meal.
You might want to volunteer at a charity, whether it’s walking the dogs at your local shelter, mentoring vulnerable children or reading to older people in care homes. You could also look at ways to fundraise for your favourite charity, be it a cake sale, a jumble sale, a sponsored walk or bag packing at your local supermarket.
Once you start to give back, you’ll feel a sense of achievement, knowing that you have helped others and made a difference which will make you feel valued and give you a purpose.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Beyond -hoi guo tin kong

Credit to whyqueue's original post here. Legendary song with much meaning for everyone. tag it here for myself.

hai kuo tian kong (cantonese pronounciation)

Hai Kuo Tian Kong

kam tin ngo hon yeh lui hon syuit piew ko
(today,in a cold night, i see snow dropping)
y tziok lang kap liew tek sam wo piew yuen fong
(carrying a lonely soul travelling far away)
fung yue lui chui kon mou lui fan pat cheng yeng tzong
(running in the storm, cannot different shadow in the mist)
tin hong hoi fut lei yue ngo, ho wui pin
(sky and wide ocean, just me and u,it may change)

tho siew chi,ying chiok lang ngan yue tzau siew
(a few times, face with cold look and laughter)
chong mut yau fong hei ko sam zhong tek lei siong
(but never give up dream/hope in the heart)
yat sat na fong fatt yiok yau so sat tek kam kok
(suddenly feel like something missing)
pat tzi pat kok yi pin tam sam lui ngoi
(didnt realize the love has faded)

yuen leong ngo tze yat sang pat kei fong chung ngoi tzi yau
(forgive me this whole life never let go (love) freedom)
ya wui pa yau yat tin wui tit tou
(also scared that will fall one day)
bui hei liew lei seong sui yan tow ho yi
(ignoring the dreams everybody also can)
na wui pa yau yat tien tzi nei kong ngo
(but never scared that one day there will b only u and me)

ying yin tzi yau tzi ngo
(still going strong by myself)
weng yuen kou chiong ngo ko tzau pin cin lei
(will sing my song forever run across a thousand miles)

ATS Curry House Nasi Kandar Stall @ Kelana Jaya

It's good Friday, but no holiday here in Malaysia. Youngsters in group decided this place that's known for its mutton curry.

GPS location: 3.099204,101.6249611
Do a search via googlemap for PJ area ATS Curry..can't share map via mobile.
(updated below)

 The crowd tells me that it's pretty popular with locals at least. Serving is pretty fast. Just queue up wait till you reach the food counter, choose either briyani or white rice. Then by default the staff will give you taught cooked with yellow ginger. You get a choice of either fried fish, fried chicken and curry mutton.

Obviously went with mutton since this is what it's famous for. The portion served is pretty good. First taste of the curry reminds me of the same goodness of Mr Farrukh's stall back at PFS canteen. (Oops, he is one of our canteen legendary Nasi Kandar seller, retired just recently). Taste of curry is good, decently spiciness level and mutton is tender with no hint of milky taste nor any chewiness. No need hard chewing to be done, tender mutton meat is good. Thumbs up. But it's a made up stall so cleanliness and comfort level is to be expected - depends on weather.

 Goody food. Can fall asleep after lunch

 One of buddy's special ordered mutton. Nice, his order of this dish, drinks and rice with vegetables , egg and fried chicken costs about RM3x. Ouch..

A closer look at my order.

RM14 for the white rice, mutton, vegetable and fried egg. RM2 for the teh o ais limau.

Bye bye Streamyx, Hello Webe broadband

For TLDR scroll all the way to bottom.

About 2 months back, if my memory serves me right we got mail (yes actual real mail) from TM announcing discontinuation of all Streamyx broadband service from Nov17 this year.

Meaning that our cheapo Streamyx will be out of service soon late this year and either we go for Unifi at ~RM100 + more each month or find alternative broad band solution. For only light use, Unifi is a bit overkill as we spent >12 hours at work each day.

It so happens that one heavy rain day few days back, lighting​ struck and zapped out our modem...oh a quick decision needs to be made.

1. Sign up for webe broadband 10G bonus +20Gb limit currently online at RM 59 per month. Not bad but need to buy the Wifi Modem at ~RM20x++. No bonding contract , I like it and an advance payment that will be used to offset first month payment..can't really trust next day delivery as this is not US we are talking bout. (Updated: as of 1-June the 10Gb bonus offer is no longer available).

2. Terminate Streamyx and phone number by walk in to main TMpoints. (Kelana Jaya)

Long story: Terminate TM Streamyx + phone number. This one needs to walk in to main branch of TMpoints ,give their hotline a call at 100 be very patient in waiting to verify the branch that can process this. Have your TM Streamyx account in hand, they need to verify your IC once you fill in a simple form and submit. Pretty easy if you have no outstanding to pay. TM will take 14 days to process termination, charge you service of that period (ridiculous!) And mail back a check with your balance deposit paid during package sign up registration.

PS: I called 100 asking if I can terminate my line & Streamyx and the operator dumbly took my account number, check and after some ding dongs told me, sir you can't terminate via hotline. Oh dear, why you no say so when I first asked (my very first question?!?!)

3. Contact webe via online chat. Got delivery number and keep pestering for them to deliver within their 1-3 days promised time. Next day delivery my foot ha!

The courier line clear under packet one aka webe hotline is +603 5990 5990

Long story: Now webe doesn't have a hotline. They have this online support on web. Which gives you second thoughts on their support sincerity. Hi sir, how can I help you? :)...pls don't smiley face me if you don't mean it. First operator refused to give me a number to contact the delivery team , Line Clear. Was promised they will deliver the next day but didn't happen. Gave them another call luckily they do half day delivery on Saturdays. Please have Line clear tracking number ready, it's the 6 digit number that operators say starts with Webe word. Some operator can actually check by your application IC, so I guess that depends on their Intelligent check (sorry, fallout pun here haha)

4. Upon receiving setting up is really simple. Unbox, plug in sim and battery. Install Huawei Hilink app to update password and monitor usage if need to on your smartphone. Power on and use directly. This is probably the best part here. Fuss free from received to start using. For a small saving, subscribe to auto payment using credit card and get RM2 off each month.

TLDR, Streamyx modem get zapped by lighting. Ditched the plan for a webe broadband plan. Shared how to terminate streamyx and phone number, order and follow up webe broadband delivery. Now let's see how is webe broadband performance, so far it's pretty decent..hopefully not too congested in my area.