Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sync google account contacts between phones

Only 2 cases i can think of that you will need to sync your phone contacts between phones.

a) you are changing to a new smartphone. Congrats!
b) you are using 2 phones. Congrats too, symmetrical radiation we get >_<

Ok, back to the topic. Since we received the Mate 8 as company phone, I've been wondering how to sync new bunch of phone contacts i added to old phone to new phone. 

My previous trick was to use ContactBackup app and email the contact file to your phone- open it and it should automatically load into your phone. But not practical enough for sync over time.

So a quick google provides the solution- Google account/app.

Pre-requirment - login/create-then-login your Google app account (same account as Gmail actually). In Setting, make sure you enable sync contacts on phone A before you want to sync tophone B.

The general steps to do this is as below: (Full details can read from this link.)

Step 1
Press the menu button on the Android device and tap “Settings.”

Step 2
Tap “Accounts and sync.”
 Step 3
Tap the “Add account” button.
Step 4
Tap “Google.”

Step 5
Tap the “Next” button.
Step 6
Tap “Sign in” and enter your Gmail login information. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, tap the “Create” button instead and fill in the form provided.
Step 7
Tap the “Sign in” button. The device will download the Gmail account’s information.
Step 8
Tap the “Sync Contacts” option.

Step 9
Tap the “Finish” button.
Tested & it's working, so here's one geeky lifehack to sync with one phone to another devices where you want to make calls to contacts you added to your other phone.

Joseph had a little overcoat

Wow pretty catchy sing-along for this famous book. Baby E loves this, but the video is only up to the vest. Scarf, handkerchief and button is missing..

If anyone know where to find the full songbook, please holler out yo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Funny Starcarft cartoon

To all fans of Starcraft.. relax & watch some videos :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Awesome form

My personal best so far , accompanied by superb songs from Limpbizkid, linkin park and Offspring. Now this is a pretty high benchmark for me to keep up with.

received many digital cakes haha 

Another milestone by baby E. Her art is pretty good, at least i see circles like a archery target, but she had difficulty explaining what she draws. Proud that mummy sticks it on the fridge LOL

Last week, say RIP to my imitation Nike. Time to make make way for new companion, Mizuno mushi mushi. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

First wish today

It's from automated HR email...y no angpao or something more material LOL

Friday, April 22, 2016

Leading project team

More roles at work

Being appointed as PCM of a project..this means more roles & sharing overall project control with Pxx. Well more roles is fine career growth-wise sort of like one level up the ladder, hopefully with it comes bigger paycheck la (most important factor :). Sometimes day to day routine are quite hectic and time passes so quickly, trying to close cover up gaps for team members and workaround poor handling , please internal customers. Let's see what happens after this.

This also means less time to be blogging, hope i can still write actively..squeeze some time here n there. My getfit2016 goal is going pretty well, actually enjoying the addictive adrenaline rush with good music.

For survival's sake have to be like water la my friend. (or change the cup if necessary).

come to think of it, this means have to be Water + Ninja (referring to my last couple post) = water ninja, LOL

Might be slightly less active doing online exams in preparation for HQ training trip. Hopefully all goes well.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

MR DIY First ever official Warehouse Clearance @ Cheras

Sharing is caring, a first time warehouse sales from MR DIY @ Cheras, Balakong. Link for full details.

MR DIY is set to hold their First ever official Warehouse Clearance Sale next month!

When & Where?
MR DIY Warehouse Sale Details
Date: 29 April – 8 May 2016
Time: 10am – 9pm
Jalan Kpb 5, Kawasan Perindustrian Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
From Mines direction, keep going down SILK & it's on your left side.

What’s Hot?
Grab awesome deals from a wide range of products such as household, electrical, hardware, stationery, car accessories, toys and many more… with awesome prices starting from only RM0.50!
Note: Cash Payment only
Jangan ketinggalan Jualan Gudang MR DIY Harga Bermula Dari 50 sen akan diadakan pada hujung bulan depan!
Pembayaran Tunai Sahaja Diterima!
不容错过MR DIY第一次大清仓促销会价格从50仙起!
MR. D.I.Y. offers more than 20,000 products ranging from household items like hardware, electrical to stationery, car accessories and even gifts & toys.
Today, MR. D.I.Y. is proudly a home grown enterprise with over 200 outlets throughout Malaysia. Each of their outlets spaces encompasses averagely 10,000 square feet providing a comfortable and wholesome family shopping experience. MR DIY employ more than 3500 employees serving more than 70 million customers yearly at all MR. D.I.Y. outlets throughout Malaysia.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SaltMarsh Running tips - Belt buckle, Belly Button, Ninja & Quick steps

Just sharing out again this simple, effective tips of "Belt buckle, Belly Button, Ninja & Quick steps" by SaltMarsh (click link to read full details).

Belt buckle.

Shoulders back, hips forward, head up, show their belt buckle off to the world.

Belly button.

Don't to let your swinging hands cross the midpoint of your body


Try to run quietly, and you’ll find that you rise up on your toes a bit, shorten your stride, and gain better control of your body. Ninjas move quietly. Try running like a ninja to improve your running economy.

Quick steps.

One of the most difficult things to learn as a distance runner is to shorten your stride and focus on quick steps to minimize injury. If you shorten your stride and focus on a quicker turnover you’ll be lighter on your feet and run longer with less effort. This is most apparent on hills. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quora: Running form, which one do you match?

Interesting read on running, Quora is the place to look for answers nowadays.

So far i got no injury, didn't push myself too hard & try to keep straight back posture, do warm up circuit before start. Might need to do some walk to warm down after hitting 4miles. Can feel a bit stress on lower back, but no pain yet. First 1 mile i usually try to push harder, by 2nd miles mind screams 'this is shit!' , and got back to normal by 3rd / 4th mile depending on amount of sleep I'm getting- >6hrs, usually i feel great and can go on quite consisently. Always run with earphones tucked in my ears so not sure if i make loud noises, I saw some runners run in 'floating' fluid motion, that's a nice form to use. Can't really go 'The unicorn' my feet just refuses when i tried before to increase pace LOL.

Excerpts from quora below:

"This will be a long answer but if you are a long distance runner, I know, you will endure."

First of all let me clarify one thing: there is no “best” technique for running. Yes, there are some “better” techniques but most of the time, the running techniques are subjective and depend upon your body structure & fitness, running distance, and running surface. So try various techniques and ease into one which you find most comforting.Following information is only for Long Distance Running and out of my own experiences as a Runner. - Mr Gurvinder

A good running technique is not only about proper foot landing and body posture. It is as much about how you are breathing and even what you are thinking while running!

Firstly, judge your current running technique on following parameters:
  1. Do you experience joint pains (usually in knees and ankles) especially when you run on hard surfaces like roads etc.? -guess still young to experience any haha, have to be conservative & not overstress myself to the point of injury
  2. Do you experience lower back pains after running? -no
  3. Do you experience shoulder pains during running? -no
  4. Do you generate excessive noise while taking steps during running? - need to observe
  5. Do you feel sharp pains in lower left/right side of your abdomen?-no
  6. Is your breathing erratic and arrhythmic while running? -no, not too sure actually
  7. Does your mind give up even before you have reached your body’s limit? - sometimes yes, mind saying 'Screw this!' but usually im ok after a 10-45 sec rest. Don't give up i guess.
  8. Or do you match any of the following (above diagram)  
Dan Baciu wrote some good stuff, here is a laundry list of more highlights I think about, top down.

  • Head level
  • Ears dry so headphones stay in -i wonder how to do this..its warm & humid in Malaysia..
  • Only play awesome music -can relate to this, must have good bass/beatrate
  • Relax your face - you mean smile?
  • Breathe in your nose, out your mouth -really?
  • Don't wear cotton shirts, wear polyester, it breathes better  
First and the foremost thing: Do a proper Warm-up routine. After that start the run with jogging and increase the pace. This prevents cramps during running.

  • Avoid Over-Striding: Look for the alignment of knee and ankle upon initial contact. Ideally we’re looking for the knee to be flexing directly above the ankle on initial contact.
  • Run Tall: Do not bend the waist. Run with slight forward lean keeping the back flat.
  • Being Hydrated during running is very critical. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before running. During running, drink half glass of water after every 20 minutes or sip some energy drinks.
  • Eat a banana or some other fruit before one hour to get sufficient energy required for running.
  • Control of Breathing: Breathe deeply as opposed to shallow breaths which increases oxygen intake. Stay relaxed and do not get excited while running.
  • Relax Shoulders & Strengthen Glutes and Core during the run. Do not bounce or twist excessively.
  • Have a target of certain number of minutes or distance for the day and increase it gradually. - <12min per mile, or 3.5 -4 miles depending on how i feel on the day.
  • Before stopping, jog for about 2 minutes. Then perform a cool-down stretch routine which makes the muscles relaxed, improves the flexibility and makes you ready for the next day run - need to start this, consistency and injury free is my goal to good health

Monday, April 18, 2016

Huawei Mate 8 gift

Looks like will be busy playing with new phone. Company provided line + phone for all our group staff. Only catch is don't exceed RM200 call/SMS, and return back if we are leaving the group. Ok la, we get free data & line now with brand new phone to play with.

Maybe silver gray color type is 3GB RAM only..

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ho Poh Hakka restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

GPS location: 3.0987629,101.5260547

Location at the same row as Public bank of Bandar Puteri Puchong, this place can be easily found.
Ho Poh specialize in Hakka delicacies, namely it's LeiCha (lighting tea? haha wiki to learn more)

Looks around the restaurant.

Many baby-chair made of rattan to complement the shop design.

Some antiques and traditional chinese table top.

I guess it means lui cha.

Quite good ambient for a peaceful meal.

Of course we ordered lei cha, and have a read on lei cha here on their menu. Herbal & tea leave mix helps with abdominal cleansing in general.

Here is the menu on leicha page, there are other food too, but since we lean towards being herbivore we skip most of the meats.

Oh wait, there is one we like to have. the fried abacus - fried flour mix with yam (shun pun zi), no meat as well here except fried shrimp and anchovies bits to make the dish more flavorful.

While waiting, let's see around. There is wifi spot here. The shop is wheelchair friendly, no ramps in , but no problem , it's entrance is simply a flat area.

There is a box of some toys here. Probably a smart thing to keep kids occupied.

It on your left from after you enter the dining area.

Here is the Shun pun zi, really good, try it if you like fried tang yuen or the likes of it. Much more better than my last experience at Ying Ker Lou.

Finally the lei cha arrives. Unfortunately the price hiked up quite a lot since our last visit. I remember it was RM7 bout 3 years ago. Topped with shrimps accompanied by peanuts and basil i think.

Here is how i eat it. Pour the soup directly into the bowl. Ready to go. You can ask for free soup refill. But i think they do cut out a little on the soup ingredients. Was expecting stronger herbal/tea taste in soup else this will be a pretty good lei cha.

Know of a better lei cha place? Please drop by and share with us lei cha lovers.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

E-filing income tax 2016

Have you guys filed your tax? E-filing due date is 30April2016.

Some changes if you are using e-filing;
a) E-filing will request to update your password , no more n00B simple passwords
b) Addition of a check box/line below

Just choose "Tidak" if no property sold this year. If yes, whether already taxed, then 2nd row will be enabled.

Other than that, everything else is the same.

Namun demikian, bagi terus menggalakkan majikan menggunakan kemudahan e-Filing, LHDNM memberikan tambahan masa selama 30 hari lagi untuk majikan mengemukakan Borang E mereka. Ini bermakna tarikh akhir mengemukakan Borang E Tahun Taksiran 2015 melalui e-Filing ialah pada 30 April 2016. (source)

Some other details related to filing tax here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Maxshit oh maxshit..err i mean Maxis

oh no ,not another boo boo..frankly speaking i freaking hate all these automated service thingie, fill up your complain in details when your blood is boiling, bet it's not gonna be pleasant- taken from facebook today.

My Maxis subline got barred suddenly today with no notification. And since i use a sub from my dad's main line the account of course will be under my dad's name and he helps with the payment - lucky me =).

Called over to the service centre and automated service says my payment is due by 17th April 2016. Hmm it's only 13th April and they already bar my line?

I got to customer service staff and asked if he can unbar the line first since the payment is not yet due. He said needs the owner of the line (main line) to call in. But my line was barred and my dad don't use Whatsapp or Wechat that i can access via Wifi.

I replied that it's pretty unreasonable to bar my line with no notice, cutting off my means to call for help to check etc,,But the guy only tried to call once and my dad didn't pick up and unapologetically said "Sorry, have to be owner to unbar the subline" then silence...

Now luckily my mum uses whatsapp, quick relaying over messages and finally the issue is solved. Apparently they missed last month's payment, so after settling the oustanding amount due and this months payment finally the bar is lifted. Pretty dumb thing is the customer service didn't even check in detail why my line got barred and insisted the owner of numbers have to call without giving me options to reach them. Luckily we have many social chat apps nowadays...Dad even told me that we have not yet exceeded the credit limit for the line, don't know why they suddenly bar as he usually do payment once every 2 months.

So my big question to Maxis is, do you guys think that one guy will open up a few sublines just for himself?? Pretty dumb la insisting owner to call in to unbar.

Yeah, no biggie bro..just a pain in the 4ss yo.

With all the rant against Maxis nowadays, i think it's high-time they take a look into delivering good customer service, and LISTEN to their customers, and not just ignore their competition, be arrogant. Nuff said here.

Other related stories or reads

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I won't say I'm in love - Hercules

Nice & catchy song from Disney's Hercules. Another to add to collection, teach baby E cartoon songs, she can sing parts of verses from songs now better than stringing sentences together.

Sunchang Guchajang (Hot pepper paste)

We caught this taste bug for gochujang after our last backpacking trip to Korea (see my outdated post on free thing to do in Seoul here :)) and happen to grab one of the gochujang to make our own bibimbap at home. This is by far the best hot pepper paste that satisfies our taste bud, but a bit hard to get hold on in Malaysia supermarkets. 

Found it at Korea/Japanese section in Jusco Mahkota Cheras 2 weeks ago and bought the last 2 boxes at ~RM18 each. Last week just pass by and see that they re-stocked with a different brand. Tasted that before & doesn't have the correct spice & oomph level to match the former brand.

Anyone knows where to find this in KL or Selangor??

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mobile game: Summoners War: Sky Arena

Ahh, Summoner wars. Been on this one for some time. 1.5 yrs roughly, longest game i had on my mobile game history up to date. Very decent game with good animation and superb effort by developer team. Kudos and good job to Com2US.

By far the most updated games i experienced, will see at least 1 event every alternate weekend and new updates balance coming up and or some festival related event.

It's a pretty (graphics) game that puts you in a role of a summoner, so kind of like cool pokemon-type with pretty graphics. Add on Runes system to make things really interesting.

Daily rotation of Dungeons to hunt for essenses needed to evolve monsters, farm better runes or even secret dungeons that allow users to collect pieces of summoning stone for a new monster.

Story mode is pretty good to help beginners get up to speed with game mechanism. What keeps me playing on is the replayability and passive play mode - autoplay (once you setup your Monsters party and rune them properly- all these makes the big difference in game).

Game play: Puts monsters in front of your screen (player as summoner perspective) to control turn based fight. A little bit like tactical rpg game or hit autoplay- the AI gets a little better nowadays with developers taking in feedbacks from players actively. It's a free to play with in game purchase. Don't worry i still can get by without buying any in-game cash so far.

But be warned that drop/summon rates are really low ~1 digit% for 4* summon and <0.x% for 5*. Up to date only have a Fire dragon-knight as my sole summoned Nat5*. However, those who are patient can go the fusing route for Dark Ifrit/Wind valkyrie/water phoenix and also get ifrit stones from Guild war points exchange, which is pretty fair to me. Achievable, just don't give up! :)

Combination of monster skills makes this game tick uniquely- attacker, defensive, support, utility type, healers. Try to observe the buff and debuff in game, which can tip the tide of battle to your side. Attack bar movers/remover, speed/atk/def buff,armor/attack/slow debuff, leader skills , dispels and attacks proportionate to def/hp/current hp etc..

Other game mode is Trial of Ascensions, World boss and Guild wars all for lucrative rewards in game. Don't forget to clear daily arena challenge for free gems. The gem system is pretty fair in this game.Do all these game mode to get free gems. Of course you can speed up by using cash but not a 100% guarantee since summons are all random.

Again would stress that nothing makes the game much better than developers working around the clock, dropping players events on almost every festive seasons, consistent balancing updates and new exciting monsters addition constantly. Link of googleplay here.

gotta get em all! LOL

Tips for beginners: 
a) Run story mode up to Faimon and farm for Fire Inugami. This guy is a great farmer, but don't bring him up to 6*. He is probably useful enough till you get better monsters.
b) Collect gems and buy special mystic scroll package. 10x scrolls + 1 each of element-mon
c) Check the daily shop - buy mystic scroll if you are rich enough
d) Do the daily missions for free 10 gems.
e) Keep and hold on to 4* above till you find out more. Each have their usefulness..i fodder'ed Lumirecia on the 3 month of play without knowing she is one of the best healers in game... *face palm*
f) Keep an eye out for good % runes at position 2,4, and 6. I initially ran up some monsters to 4* naively with numerical atk, def, hp and was wondering why they are so freaking weak. ROFL.

after you get started a while you will be able to relate to & understand this funny video:

some fan arts below :)


Akhamir & Ice Queen.