Monday, February 29, 2016

Kea Farm Market @ Cameron Highlands

On Sunday morning, we went to Kees Farm morning market for some shopping before we say byebye & head on towards Simpang Pulai direction back home. This is more to photoblog. Basically we parked in the Kee Garden building (not free). It has a row of garden with shops alongside. Out from here is the road with market style stalls selling various products of Cameron Highlands. Not bad for a walk in the morning especially with the cold temperature on highland. Toilet is inside building charging RM0.50 per entry. Dirty & expensive.

More details at foursquare. Corn seems to be the favorite purchase.

GPS location: 4.5051893,101.4066403

At pasar malam we got 1 tray @ RM30, goes into about 4 large boxes bigger than in picture. 

Keychains, magnets etc.. 

Honey in small straw tubes for sale. 

RM8 per kg, not really cheap..maybe super delicious? 

Cheras Batu 11 Pan Mee - the hidden shop


This place after searching online blogs about it, some comments are its' legendary & the hidden shop. Well, more like its more known to locals here. Wife said it's mee hun kuey, meaning the noodles are the cut or strips type. 

No noodle or mee options available here and also no dry type pan mee. You only get the soup type with cut noodles, so ordering is pretty simple. How many bowl? Big or small?

At RM5.50 each bowl, we get cut noodles with lots of spinach & anchovies topped with fried onions and diced pork pieces instead of minced pork. I find the balance pretty nice as in clear soup with less salt but taste is well offset by the fried anchovies as you take your bites. 

Location GPS: 3.0439451,101.7717702
It's right behind the Ambank building, you can see it on the alley way. Parking is in front of houses just don't block their entrance ways ya.

 This aunty is the boss chef, She cut up the noodle strips & cooks em. 

 Fried sui kow at RM1 each. Homemade with chopped water chestnut, carrot, radish & pork meat. Tastes juicy fresh and just nice.

This is one of those that has little trace of MSG in the soup. Chili is quite different from others but i don't feel anything special. In chili department suppose KinKin Pan mee is the king. Foursquare score s this place pretty high at 7.9/10 (link),
If you are the soup person, then this is a great treat to stop by for.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng & Coconut @ Bukit Mertajam

My personal favourite haunt whenever we drop by Bukit Mertajam. This is the champion stall for fresh coconut water and mee goreng; foursquare score at 7.7. I always go for kosong coconut water, with no sugar & ice at RM3.70 each. Each coconut can get at least 2 big glass of water and flesh.

Location GPS: 5.3531127,100.4727584,18.75

These guys already know us, even though we visit only from time to time.

Image from Foursquare 

                                                                                     Image from Foursquare 

Malay style mee goreng is excellent, with some crab sauce & their flavorful squid topped and perfect cucur udang (malay style prawn fritter) to go with.

Sometimes i go for only cucur udang, pasembur here does not go well with my taste bud. For good pasembur it's really nearby, mentioned in my previous post.

This stall is pretty hot in the afternoon and hygiene level is somewhat poor. So i always go for tapao (take-away) or what northern ppl call bungkui hehe. Who can resist the juicy looking cucur udang, all stacked up together waiting for your order.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ji Keh Saito Fishball Noodle & Loh Bak @Sungai Petani

This is located in Sg Petani town, the old district 2nd road.
It's located in an alley right beside the JPN of Sg Petani town. We always come for wife's favourite saito fishball noodle and the quite decent loh bak. These two food are the highlights in this area.

GPS location: 5.645635,100.4887633

The fishball noodle stall

With homemade fish ball, not MSG-laden soup. But it don't have loads of minced pork meat either.

The loh bak stall

The round ball is this stall's special creation. Hamtan (salted duck york) wrapped in pork meat.

This is special lobak wrapped together with quill egg. Note that he uses lean meat for lohbak, personally prefer the traditional mixed meat with some fat.

All your selection are fried again to get the crunchy bites and usually its a self service, we need to fetch our own dish from stall.