Monday, August 29, 2016

Setia Alam Launch Phase 1 Albida, Opacus, Ciliantra Aug 2016

Setia Alam Welcome Center

So we heard from a friend that there is new landed property launch @ Setia Alam. Location of site & lauch as below.

GPS location: 3.1300796,101.4610051

From parking lot

At 8am. there are people camping, well some agents for a fee ranging from RM100-500 that helps people take numbers & check attendance during random spotcheck.

Precinct 17 , this is phase one of this area. Have a look and judge yourself.

20x65 & pricing

another 20x65 & pricing

Floor plans A,B,C etc..

This is just our sketch after consulting a friend & surveying the actual site. If you enter from apartment side, then you won't see anything. But if you enter on the left side of the map, then you are greeted by 'cemetary hill' - welcome!

Site survey photos

Flat piece of land. 

From the Sentosa apartment side.

This factory right opposite the construction site on cemetary side of the map.

Entrance, not very clear at ~7am

Here is the welcome sign, once you enter =_=

2nd round site survey at 9.45am. This is on left side along Persiaran Alam Setia. Come in from entrance of main road after Setia Alam mall side. Pass this strectch & you will come back to the area of the new housing area with some other factory on your left, cemetary ahead and the site on your left.

From the other end (apartment side) , the factory is visible. oh darn

The pros: very nice layout, maximized use of space for a 20x65. Full extend on ground & top floor. We are very attracted & tempted by the price of ~RM720K for an end lot with 5ft extra land on side after 3% rebate. The price is really at affordable level, subsale at the moment is almost this price for an intermediate. At the site, there is breeze, this is definitely high ground so expect chiller more windy atmosphere. Will develop & have value as it's a planned town. There is already shoplots ready to support the Setia Alam communities.

The cons: ~5km from from cemetary. Very bad fengshui for those who believe in it. Congestion will be a great issue for such a limited access and being surrounded by RSK (rumah selangor ku) apartments. Meaning cars will be parked haphazardly by road side as apartments always have limited car parks. High density population for this area to share the road out, see googlemap with so many other phases...Eco park, original phase Setia Alam housing , PKNS etc.. Most problematic to me is the pollution. This is where we pulled our brake. We happened to bump into random stranger of family and one of them is an employee with Top Glove. Toxic waste are being released not too far away from this industrial area of Meru Klang. We cross verified with another random Setia Alam stranger in park, and he too confirmed that at night there are factory smell at night. It is clorine fume thats being releasead at night - well harder to trace at night and not monitored as engineers only work day shift. 

We finally decided to drop off our intention of booking a unit here despite the good price. The choice is still yours. There are so many pros, but because we intend this to be our long term stay house, it's better to be safe than sorry from health point of view.

*PS many people that queued up from Wed didn't know about the 
a) cemetary
b) factory
c) factory waste being released at night

Surprising since this is quite a big investment of 6-700k , translating to ~RM2-3K of monthly committment. Anyway, the sales looks quite good before we left ,not before we went over to feed ourselves over the nervous-wreck few hours or days of our lifes trying to weigh on as many things as possible over this big decision. We learn something new again from here. It's our first time joining a launch anyway. 

So now for the fun part. the food & Merdeka celebration thingie, think i've written enough. So just pictures below. many food, but we just gobbled them up out of hunger so just some to share around :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ken & Shirley Ramen @ Seri Kembangan

This is one of my favourite place for spicy soup spinach ramen & chilli pan mee with slight twist but still good. Probably don't need much introduction to many who stays near Seri Kembangan area. Great food and with affordable price, but don't expect restaurant like environment. It's more like a hawker style shed for you to have a meal & then move on.

GPS location: 3.0218074,101.6973229

Parking is almost non existent in front of this shop. However, just opposite the road are shoplots where you can get ample parking spaces. Just park your ride there & hop over the busy road over for your ramen time.

 Standard serving of seaweed, spinach + spinach ramen and some corns accompanied by 2 pork ball and 1 fish ball. Pretty good portion for 1 serving. The fiery soup is the one that keeps people coming back i guess. My mouth gets watery just thinking of the spicy soup that sets ones mouth on fire slowly over the course of meal.

For those who are don't favor too spicy stuff, you go with clear soup version. This one wifey says got quite minimum MSG.

Simple hand written menu for your reference.

To sum it up simply, big portion, cheap and good ramen. Go for spicy soup spinach ramen if you like to challenge spicy food, clear soup if you are not the spice crazy type or again challenge the chilli pan mee's spiciness - tried before, it's good but different version of pan mee than Kin kin's. This is so the place for me with all it's fiery type of ramen/noodle haha. Still can't decide who is better when wifey challenged me to choose the best.

Personal update:
Been on a hiatus lately. crazy bz at work and working hard on >6km per day on getfit2016. Managed to lost 3kg over the last 6 months from 69kg to 66kg. Pretty good achievement as i don't practice super strict diet. Just consistent jogging every weekday and take a break if i'm feeling exhausted. Endomondo, pokemon running and myfitness pal is now like a daily ritual LOL. POE-ing too, shh..