Sunday, October 23, 2016

Uncle Don's @ SS2 PJ

On the way to wifey's friend's place somewhere near Puncak Damansara we stopped by for this place where you can get nice, cheap & affordable (read peng leng cheng) western style food including pork chops etc. This is a non-halal restaurant cum pub as it also serve what i think is rather less pricey beer & alcohol drinks if you are up to it. Anyway we are there for lunch sets which comes with 1 main dish, 1 glass of iced lemon tea & one scoop of ice-cream as your finisher.

GPS location: 3.117003,101.6207253

This place is opposite the bridal shops in SS2, quite hard to miss actually being at same row as police station & SS2 Durian buffet. Anyway with waze/googlemap being around you get to places damn easily nowadays.

Another reason to get over on weekends - no parking fees needed hahaha

Set#1 Healthy portion of vegetarian spaghetti carbonara - taste-wise quite good but still lose out slightly to Susan's bistro. 

Set #2 ,12" Chef's pizza. This is the boss dish here. Big portion and great taste, goes superbly well with the tabasco. Thumbs up for the pizza here.

Set#3 Pork chop with sides. Pork chop is not so bad, pretty well marinated & soft yet not chewy. 

Dessert of ice cream- flavors available are strawberry, vanilla & chocolate. Well, sometimes it's 1 & 1/2 scoop we get ya. By now we are pretty stuffed up.

Great thing is our bill only comes up to RM40.70. Pretty awesome for the environment, food quality & portion we get. So yes, when we want to get some good bite or some good fun of drinking session with buddies/friends this is the place to be, but be-warned that it can get quite crowded at times.