Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Speeding up XP

XP is probably turning into an old school OS. But hey, if you're on one which unfortunately i'm on, you gotta love this.

Thanks to youtube and wogboy818181 for sharing this :)

Actually i use AML registry cleaner (freeware) for many of these stuff. But it just doesn't work with my company laptop... Bad lappie.

Enjoy the cool classic 'how-to ad' style background music as well.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Exercising: to a better health or just don't want to get fat?

It's been almost 3 weeks since i reached Dallas and after settling in, the thought of American sized meals is quite disturbing to me. Everytime I have a meal out, i'm forced to takeaway half of the plate/food. So i guess, it's time to hit the gym naturally to even out the calories intake.

I'm not looking for a hardcore gym session or going into those technology latched sessions. Just simple sessions to keep my weight in check. No strapons to track how much is my heart rate, no funky gadgets.

My simple routine off-gym exercise is as below:
a) 2 sets of 10x push ups daily (really easy, don't want to drain myself up)
b) 2 sets of 30x sit ups daily

Gym routines are also simple:
a) 10 minutes + 5 minutes of treadmill
b) 10 minutes intense, on elliptical trainer or up till 1000 steps whichever finish last.

Performance dashboard

For running, i start off with 30 seconds of slow jog, going to max for first 5 minutes. Slow down for 1-2 minutes and try to push at max speed again till end of 1st 10 minutes. Then speed down for last 5 minutes warm down..after 2nd minute of rest, go all out till 1 minute left and gradual warm down.

Treadmill in Homewood Suites, Wong MT is right..its quite small

On the elliptical trainer its really simple, do 2 minutes of forward stepping as fast as i can and switch to reverse pedal for 2 minutes as fast as i can. My motto is time is money, so no slacking up, just the golden 10 minutes here :p

If you notice, i tend to go all out for most last cycles of my workouts. Kinda picked this up as a habit after getting a pointer from a a weight-lifting maniac friend, Nic who gave a few pointers in this area.

Elliptical trainer

Using music during workout is quite a nice addition. I don't really go into those beats-per-minute stuff but i do go for faster musics especially linkin park and some fast paced remixs that I had on my Nokia Xpressmusic which finally shines here.

In the end of the day, do we exercise just because we want better health? Or is it just because we don't want to get fat? Or are we already overweight?

We do need a balanced combinations and a good health starts from the plate, how we eat and how much extra calories we gobble down without realizing after our major meals of the day.
Easier said than done, I myself am guilty of succumbing to the sin of gluttony from time to time. But well, its good to be aware of it and remind myself from taking in much more than is just right.


Well, sometimes 'just not wanting to get any fatter or to put it in a better way', 'staying in shape' or 'get back in shape' is also a good motivation to hit the gym as long as we remember that we need to work it out to get in shape and maintain to stay there, not continuous cycle of gaining and losing weight. Hope i get out of this crazy cycle soon haha.

This applies to most working class people as what they call as 'growing horizontally' -yea, the body, not the career :p

For me, it's feels great to wrap the day off with a workout and sweat it out. Unfortunately, this will not last long since working KL doesn't give me
a) short commute time from work
b) free gym service (guess this is important factor too :p)
c) good work-life balance - we are asians duh!

Even right now, workload is getting heavier and i'm leaving work later nowadays.
Damn, only Malaysians get dual role. Not fair!

Probably need to figure out something about this, else growing horizontally and working long hours in zombie mode will eventually snuff the life out of me =(

For those sifus out there, that can give pointers, please do shout out, i really welcome any advice on what i'm doing wrong or what i could do better. What to watch for ? Calories? Mets?
Or is what i'm doing even effective?

Sorry folks, no nice photos from Dallas yet as of now :p

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just another day at work in Dallas

This is probably one of my posts with more photos since i'm quite lazy right now.

A cuppa coffe a day keeps the engineer awake. Well i don't actually have to brew them in my room at all, it's all ready for grab at the lobby. im accumulating these empty cups in my office cube now and i wonder if i can get a mountain of them after a while if nobody gives me warning for violating office 5S haha (will pose the picture eventually, so keep your eyes for it later on).

the ass of my rental car, ford focus. Actually i took this so that i can check again which carplate number my car is since the parkings are usually huge and there are so many whites that lookalike =_=

TI boulevard, i guess it's useless to resist the temptation to take a shot of this, even if i'm in the car waiting on red light

I think this is the main gate, but it still doesn't look like it is one. Oh well, it doesn't matter actually

meet me halfway - on the walkway to South Campus.

the other way which i came from, damn long walkway. everything is huge here. even office cube starts at 100x - 5xxx

yo, drop by my cube here in Dallas at J1-1077. That's all i have today folks. See not too many words compared to my usual post :p