Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hanamaru Udon @ Midvalley Mall

GPS Location: 3.1180128,101.6750765

Yosh! inoya. 

 Location at 3rd floor, at the concourse where the cinema is visible across the shop & floor above.

Another crowded place during lunch time. Lately we are visiting places that's quite crowded for lunch =)

Queue up with a tray, order your main udon dish/or rice set also available then add with side such as the fried chicken, tofu, fish cake etc..

Went for Spicy Miso Chicken Soup udon. Not so bad taste of soup is towards bland with hints of sweetness. Springy udon is supposedly hand made daily & it comes with a tasty jap-style runny egg (tamago) i think. Accompanied by fried chicken stick, another expensive choice..well once in a while i guess.

On a funny note, there is an item called bukkake udon on's a legit name for udon, but it leads to something else. (wiki link).  😉
Anyway here is the explanation of the name - "Bukkake udon: Cold udon served with thick dashi-broth." (wiki link)

Not too far away from Sanuki Udon's standard. Again, am not really a person who knows how to fully appreciate udon. ˉ\_(ツ)_/ˉ

Go noodle restaurant @ Jaya One : round 2

We ended up at Jaya One @ PJ and it's round 2 for Go Noodle. Shop is at LG2 and it's crowd decoration etc are similar. Still need wait for number-calling at the counter.

GPS location:3.1182003,101.6330929

While waiting can do some reading bout Go Noodle i guess.

Shoe polishing, an essential technique in corporate world. Well placed Go noodle LOL.

The phone-wielding crowd waiting for seats.

Looks familiar..

Would say the soup here is much better than our last visit to Sunway. Spiciness level that keeps you drenched while having a go at the fiery soup. this is more spicy than Ken & Shirley's spicy soup. Really doesn't disappoint if you don't mind the wait.

Total damage on 4 people.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

water ponding test : update

For those who Re interested, the result of ponding test we've done. Considered failed, only pass for the shower area and water retain only for 2 out of 3 bathroom. Quite surprising since it's reputable developer N***j** or L*** group.

Long story short, we found one bathroom leaking with obvious signs and another dried out with no water spot trace yet. Some very small spots appeared on ground floor ceiling, so this is enough for us to submit the as failed ponding test in defect list. Wifey had an argument with contractor when they said ponding test is only for shower area...don't really make sense, cause then he expects my bathroom to leak everytime i decide to wash the whole floor? 

Below are photos of our inspection & after 2nd time re-do ponding test it still failed.

Big leak spot, very hard to miss this one. We actually visited at night with no electricity, and found that it's easier to detect water spots using our smartphone light. Well that is if you don't mind the darkness haha.

2nd time re-do with plastic bag ponding test.

2nd floor shower area do retain some water. But this is also not good sign.. how about the rest of bathroom area? I thought bathroom is meant to get wet?

There goes 2nd time ponding test here as well, with plastic bag.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr Tuk tuk Thai street food @Sunway Pyramid

Another lunch time spots, boy these people are bringing me places haha. It's good place to grab a decently priced lunch at Sunway Pyramid.

GPS location: 3.0726421,101.604173

Location @ LG2 opposite Cold storage are.

Menu for your reference.

Hello Tuk tuk.

My pad thai @ RM9.50 inclusive of GST. Nice with quite many decent sized prawns, but portion not really big. Good if you are small eater haha. Not exactly budget to me, but considering we are at sunway yes, it's consider the cheaper options there.

Size of crowd during lunch time. o.O

Clever mirror placement give an illusion of place being twice as big in size.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kelana Jaya Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Been a long 5 years since i come back for 'fun' session of renewing passport at Jabatan Imigresen. Actually should have chosen UTC which is very fast service and opens till night and Saturdays as well if not mistaken. 

Steps to renew pretty simple:

a) Take your number, you need to present current passport + IC and fill up below simple form.
b) Wait, wait wait.......and wait , wait , wait .....get to counter. Officer validates your info/document and then snaps current photo
c) Take back number slip, wait for payment counter, wait and wait ...wait then pay up.
d) Get your collection slip & collect new passport after 1 hour wait.

 9+ in morning, take number. RM200 for 5 years. Toddlers and old folks get a special express counter.

Oh boy, this gonna take a while..Suddenly system down 'maaf tergendala'. Heads back to office, comes back at ~11am, numbers still running and resume my wait.

At ~1.45pm finally makes my payment and got my slip. Managed to slip in a quick lunch before i come back to grind some 'Castle growth' while waiting for time to tick all this while for my turn. What fun waiting was 5 years ago without smartphone 😐

Goes back to office to resume duty, come back at 3.30pm and finally managed to collect my old + new passport. Collection desk got no numbering system, just hand my slip & ask if it's ready. Wait for ~20min+ and yay finally i'm finished with this fun 😐 experience.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bathroom water ponding test

When i do a quick google on how to do this, only found 1 other blog about this. So here i will share the general steps to do water ponding test. The purpose of this test is to check water proofing of a new property bathroom , make sure no seepage of water down to floor below.

Few things to prepare before heading over to your new house :

a) Plasticine - these costs about RM1.50 per box at MR DIY - recommend one box per drain opening to cover - alternatively can use plastic but we tried & it didn't work well
b) Rag - to dry your feet/drain cover before you covering
c) More rag- to clean dust & make sure surface is dry before start
d) Tape & scissor - those that are water resistant are preferred

Press along perimeter of drain covers, then turn your tap on. 
We read that it's about 5-10mm water you need to keep and pond for 2-3 days & then check downstairs for any water mark & also the water level against where you marked before.

Have to do by trial and error way since our friend YK in renovation field also mentioned that need keep trying if see any leak within 1 hr on site.

Below is our 2nd attempt with plasticine, seems ok. If no leak then it's good news, water proofing is good and we don't need to include in submission of defect checklist to developer's company. If not good, then many follow ups need to be done after submitting the defect checklist.

Alternatively (we tried as well) , you can use a plastic bag & plug it with the drain cover. Just try to observe the bottom part of the plastic bag when you pond. If you see round water drops pulsating it means there is leak somewhere or hole in your bag, swap a plastic bag and try to redo again the blocking.

Will update again in 2 days time (48 hours is the usual time we come back to check the ponding test), of course after waiting for ~30-60 min on site to make sure no mini-leak that makes the test wrong.

2nd time do.