Monday, January 28, 2013

DAB launch at Saujana Hotel @ Subang

Happened to be at the DAB launch event on 19th Jan 2013 at Saujana Hotel.
The hotel is opposite Sime Darby at Subang. This will be more of a photoblog since i'm experimenting with my new DSLR :)
Decorated prop by cameraman, RM5 each pic if not mistaken :S

Macro attempt #1
View from Hotel, golf course opposite the lake

The company apparently assembles/sells water pump products mostly for commercial use i guess. Pretty neat launch, with 15 VIP + by invitaion only visitors and flashy decorations. There are some VIPs from Italy if i'm not mistaken and some big shots of the company here.

A view from the performer's changing room..

Assistant in work
Team from Keejan MusicAcademy
The event company took things quite seriously, running one full round of rehearsal with lots of critics from the leader i guess. There was a backstage behind for a table of moniters? (whatever you call them) and groups of underlings running errands everywhere. Now this is what we call being serious =)

While waiting for their turn, why not enjoy the free-flowing beer outside of the hall. Cheers from the Regal Orchestra band of the night.
Pianist, bassist & the vocalist.
Macro-ing at the reception area.

Pretty hall such a shame i didn't manage to get in earlier. Missed out the Chinese 12 drum performance and the opera show.

 Finally the live band group enters the hall.

Entertainment of the night by live band. Various shots and modes to try on my new toy ^_^

Purple monochrome
Bright lights
The moment

That's all for this post. It's kind of fun to have an event to get some practise on photography. Till next post.