Sunday, March 26, 2017

Boston Baru @ Klang

This trip on a Friday night with work buddies is planned and I tagged along. Upon consulting Mr Google, this place is a quite notoriously known for its long 2 hr wait queue. Take numbers wait then get seated and wait.

The 2 hour wait queue. I actually dread waits like this, but so many are not discouraged at all it seems!

GPS location:3.0502664,101.4458973

Parking can be found anywhere, preferably park on the next block, not direct ly in front as illegal caretaker will collect car park fee.

First after almost 2 hr wait and 30 min sitting chatting and wondering, the 'chiu pai Chao meen' arrived. It has a salty and sourish gravy, pretty appetising and I think very similar to one kind of Malay style fried noodle. Not bad.

Next moonlight Koay teow or 'yue kwong meen' has a combination of lard and distinct peppery flavor. It's super smooth Koay teow is due to the raw egg topping. Overall, it's decent but in my opinion abit overrated from what I read from other blogs. Pork lard is a good bonus to its taste for those that love em. Not sure if raw egg mixed like this is good hygiene enough, but screw it, eat first so far so good, touch wood.

Fried mantis prawn in butter gravy. It's the perfection of batter mix, balanced flavoring and excellent frying techniques. We get piping hot and very crunchy to taste mantis prawn slathered with sweet and butter aroma filled gravy. It's a winner in my book since I really love those crunchy and buttery foodie.

One of the waiter that served us asked with a raised eye brow, only 6 of you guys, indicating that we are ordering quite a lot. We ordered 4 large dish of trademark 'shiong tong lala' or what's they call 'lat tong lala' the reason why this restaurant gets all the attention and 2 hours waiting patronage.

This is also a good dish, ample amount of sliced ginger, chilli padi and fried garlic. It's their trademark and the clams served are fresh. Would recommend to try at least once, but be mentally prepared for the long wait unless you come as early as 5.30pm right when the store is opening. Beware of the spiciness of the clam soup, makes my mouth watery just thinking about it, so good hehe.

4 large lat thong lala, all finished by 6 of us. Total 10 dish done by us after waiting in hunger for 2+ hr..Were struggling with the green and nestum mantis prawn.

Here is their hokkien mee or 'tai lok meen' which some claim is one of the finer dish here. Personally i found it just average, and lacking distinct pork lard presence, it's there but a bit lacking (anyway that's my opinion of what makes a good Tai lol meen'. The one shop i blogged previously about in mahkota cheras is actually better than this.

One of the last dish is the nestum fried mantis prawn. Same as the butter version frying technique is excellent, but the batter mix is too salty and too sweet. This one is super crunchy, super salty and super sweet. Maybe it's a moment's failure as they are calling for table #90+ now. My only lament on both mantis prawn dishes is there are alot of small pieces of mantis prawn and fried batter pieces, so the dish actually appear bigger than it's supposed to be.

Total damage this time is RM183. Pretty good for the taste, but i guess no thanks for next time, the wait is abit too much for me.

Monday, March 20, 2017

When Siang coffee shop @ Bukit Mertajam (opposite dim sum city)

Can't remember how i end up with hokkien mee photo only LOL. But this place is quite a hidden gem for it's delicious pan mee. Yup you hear me right, pan mee at BM, not KL. 

GPS location: 5.3514249,100.473173,19
Parking is found along the shoprows in front, or nearby.

My doubts are banished once i tasted pan mee. My initial thoughts are like, hmm pan mee in BM can't realy beat KL's right? So i was proven wrong. Do drop by and have a try of the pan mee. Hokkien mee is also a favourite among locals here. It's subject to personal preference i guess and mine still lean towards the stall opposite Cheok Sah cinema inside BM town.

image via googlemap

Apparently the chicken rice is also not bad. Will make this part of my stop on my visits home since it's not so far off from Sentosa food court.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Change of ownership, Cukai pintu, Syabas(water) and TNB (electric)

First , we need the previous owner to terminate their water and electricity bill before we do anything.


A) cukai pintu, last paid statement, one copy of SNP, copy of new owner ICs, transfer fee RM50

B) Syabas, copy of last paid receipt, copy of ICs of new owner, copy of SNP, stamping fee RM22.20, transfer fee/deposit RM100

C) TNB, copy of last paid statement, copy of IC of new owner, copy of SNP, deposit RM700 for 3 phase terrace and RM13+ for service charge/transfer fee.


A) cukai pintu is handled by Majlis Bandar, for my case Kajang. Need to get to the right district. Office hour starts pretty early, 8am there will be staff at counter. Am first and only person there at level 4 jambatan penilaian Dan pengurusan harta.

Pre 8am view at L4B. Staff at counter 8sharp.

Nice thing is the whole thing gets done in 10min end to end. Didn't see a numjber counter and alone at the time. So not sure if needs to get a waiting number. I asked that I want to change ownership, get a form, fill up. This one I can change to wife's name no issue. Make RM50 payment, wait couple of minutes wham I get a receipt and new copy of cukai pintu. Checked that details are correct and off I go. Kudos on the efficiency.


Opening hour starts from 9am. From MBKJ it's a very short distance, so I parked on the block behind syabas, next to it is a new building in construction. Free parking :) and still early, along the road is pasar pagi, so went over to grab a pack of bihun + fried egg at RM2. I'm the only dude eating at Syabas gateside bench and there is already a queue close to 9am. Not a long wait as well. Go to counter get form fill in. The new owner this time needs to be here for it. So have to put my name. Go to counter pass all docs and pay stamp+transfer/deposit. It's done on bout 15 min.

Closest one is near BTHO, same thing just park at roadside, pop in get form after checking docs and fill up and get number. Due to its a 3phase wiring, deposit is RM 700, plus stamping and MGMT fee totals up to RM713.18. pay up and get receipt, TNB contractor will install meter within 2days. All done within 15min. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pressure outside work

Lately have so many unsettled things to close, not work related. A tenancy agreement to stamp that's missing now...Need to find it. A car to buy by end of month..Must view this week..Not sure how long is the actual purchase time needed.
Change ownership tnb (need rm500 deposit) pay for stamp and water... Cukai pintu. The issue with previous owner not happy with lawyer holding their deposit, thus not Handing over last set of keys , fuse and misc items for auto gate, house alarm. This guy is being an old piece of pain in the ass. We foresee possible settlement by peacemaker agent G to make an appointment with onwer us and contractor to settle all at one go asap since the rectification period ends this month. Such timing to start not cooperating. Such timing for SIL to out of blue decide that she wanted to go back just because she feel not needed here. All this just because they are not happy with one little something.....Sigh...Stressed....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

About society disconnection

Bout 3 weeks back I bumped into a long lost friend. Bout 20+.Years since we last met. He said I was being totally disconnected from society. Didn't keep in touch with friends.

Couldn't agree more. But there seems to be very limited time with my LO. Only time I have is weekends, spend some time with daughter, bring her to playground or swimming pool. Sometimes park or shopping mall occasionally. Do groceries or recycling at Tzu chi center and take some time to chill out before bracing for start of next cycle.

Can't really find much time to consistently meet up or yam chat/mamak with friends in my mind. Even with this, I still feel a distance with lui lui. Maybe because I can't reach home everyday before 8.45pm on most days. MIL sends her to school now and is her real day to day guardian and my hero. Wifey takes her to playground after work. Even these things I can only do on weekends. How do I justify going Yamcha or mamak with friends on my limited weekend where time is not even enough for lui lui?

Sometimes I keep pondering on this. I admit that I'm a bit extreme on the family time issue, but still don't feel that I've done enough. Don't feel like I spend really a lot of time with lui lui...Well for now will just spend all the time I can with her.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday rezeki

This one breakfast my colleague treats me and she said this is your rezeki. Apparently it's take away or tapao for my other colleague but the other one also bought her own.

So I'm counting my blessings. Today's rezeki is well appreciated, and delicious too. Be thankful for all good things I encounter whether small or big.

Also for a good tag team accomplice that allows this today


PS: been alot of posts on my own thoughts lately cause #1 no time at work #2 I'm doing what I can half assedly via mobile blogging haha. #3 stressed, I'm back on main career course I guess, but not knowing how things will turn out kind of drives me crazy. It's like trying hard to steer the handlebar of a rollercoaster cart , treating it like a car's steering wheel to somehow pull the strings of the whole turn of incoming events towards where I hope they will be. Seems pretty in vain while the roller coaster rides drives and swings you up, down and from G to G...gosh..project management..🤣

I guess this is how I stay sane these days. Blowing off steam in my own virtual cloud. Maybe one day I will look back and say boy the old me don't know what's tough man.

Tea Garden @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Super overdue post, not much time to do it, so bear with just minimum wordings. Came here with fellow colleagues as well, forgot what they wana do at mall already but since we spotted this place several times, we just give it  a try.

Tea garden has lunch set & sells local cuisine, also includes western food at premium price.

The green bean soup dessert or can opt for drink under the lunch set.
My Thai style lunch set with chicken, just average. But price is not average (higher than that) ;)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pejabat tanah Ulu Langat

Received a letter from pejabat tanah to collect new cert..So on one day I had a sick leave I went over.

Didn't know there is a dress code now. I'm the only short pants wearing guy there..Pretty awkward.

But the guard is considerate enough to let me finish my collection. (20+ min drive from BMC to Bangi).Entire thing lasted <30min. Take number hand doc, show IC and wait for slip. Take slip to take payment counter number..Pay and go back to counter.

One interesting thing is the lady ask not to laminate the cert. Why, because it's considered damaged and will get charged 100 instead of RM20.

Well..At least I get off and finished what I came to do this time without much hiccup ;)

Lui Lui baby e go to school

Baby e now go to school for 1 week already. Have some homework... Lui lui grow up already so fast. Yesterday was helping to slice and label her color pencils. She sometimes cry don't want to go.

While at work my work continues its limbo or tightrope course..

This becoming a daily sight...Going to customer office so much +_+

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Some thoughts after Bangkok visit- what I missed

First thing is the mango, one big pack with its spicy chilli mixed with sugar condiment. Super fiery and would have taken this every night if I knew its this good from day one along with Singha or Chang beer.

Only had a first bite here in Malaysia. Was too busy rushing back to check out from hotel before 2pm on last day. In the alley along hua lam Phong temple towards Surawong Rd, the cart stalls sells one pack at , surprise 25 baht. Omg it's selling for 100 to 50 baht at patpong/Solomon area.

2nd thing to praise for is the sumptuous and nice breakfast at Tarntawan Place. Go for Japanese breakfast set. Can't go wrong with it. Again only had this on last day. Such luck I have..One of best Jap set I had. Porridge with pickles , tofu with fried saltyradish, vegetarian stew and fried then steamed fish. Makes me super happy with the meal after an early morning jog.

Morning market along patpong gogo bar streets. It's nice as local people sell breakfast somthing opposite of night activities in exact same spots along the road and some local delicacy selling along with simple toys or clothing stalls. Gives me a positive and good vibes such as those good ol' pasar pagi in Malaysia.

One unique difference is the coffee machines lined up in practically open space. Imagine the hind counter of Starbucks. Yeap that's it, the minimalist cafe catering to locals from as low as 20baht to 45 baht if you are looking at fancier drinks such as matcha bubble tea.

Lumphini park holds a special place to me too. Went for a morning stroll and my heart is telling me to soar. Within minutes I found my self running through the park. It's about 3+km per round. One of the nice things to do, wake up early , run your hearts out, go back for breakfast then go to work.

Surprisingly snacks are just soso. Ratchada market is quite nice place. Namely the chicken strips for 10baht per piece. At surowang Rd, I ate pretty good chicken sticks ala Thai style 10baht per pc..Decent with beer (again lol). My mistake was ordering a 50 baht blended fruit juice with no one to share with right after 2 sticks. It killed my appetite for the night as it's too filling. Problem with my ratchada visit is similar. Finished dinner with colleague's at BomSaan restaurant @ Chamchuri Square and head there staright. It's not really great chilli crab anyway. Taste buds a bit dulled with my stomach filled up already. But it's worthy to note that The Ratchada train market is pretty nice and worth a visit. Will ulsurely be on my to-do list if I ever get back here.

Surprisingly didn't taste any impressive pad Thai and Tom yum. Just normal and not super amazing,guess we raised the bar abit high already in bolehland lol.

From years back of our failed trip to BKK (me and wife) due to my company trip to US at that time, swensen ice cream seems pretty cheap at Thai. So I had the 159 baht ice cream treat. Too sweet side to me, luckily the matcha flavor saves the days. Decent I would say and you would love it if you have a thing for sweet food.

Cheap massage. Go for those chain ones if you don't want any monkey business, you know what I mean. Hookas=not so focused on giving you good massage. Just Google..I went to Dahra which is a bit out from patpong redlight district and had a good Thai massage. It actually hurts a bit too... Lucky the massuer is not too strong 😅
Standard price currently , which is still cheaper/skillful than Malaysian market.
Leg massage up to 250-300 baht
Thai/oil massage up to 500baht
Above all for an hour charge, I guess cleanliness and skills is #1 priority unless you are looking for something else 😉

Missed chatuchak since I'm flying back on Friday night. Family time for all my available weekends. Traffic jams in BKK is something I definitely won't miss, though KL is not really losing out by a huge margin currently.

Tarntawan place served breakfast black coffee quickly becomes my favourite and staple. Wish I have more time to sit and just have a second cup without a worry in the world for some moments at least 

Last but not least the mobile data seems pretty good in comparison at city of Angels. Real 4G for DTAC happy tourist card I used and Tarntawan place wifi is superb. Really fast, guess most people are too busy outside or engaged in their happy moments at city of Angels ;)

If I have more time, details will come. That's it for now.