Saturday, January 30, 2016

Zentangle art 2 & 'I need zen time'

This was done some time ago at work. It's pretty easy to do this, just set a central point & do a free curve line as base. Then connect all the edges back to the central point.

You can trace all the lines, they will start diving/focusing back to the central point easily.

At times like these probably need some zen time. One day got to learn the proper meditation techniques.

Part 2 - not relevant to zentangle

 It's another fork road, one path opens,but not clearly yet. Do I pursue it, or will i regret going after it after so many aspects and obstacles have been clarified or cleared. *read easy life*

My ex-mentor for short 2mth+ for project will smack me right on the head for taking the easy way out. My 1st mentor in H* seems neutral about it, if i take this path i will join him- probably not a bad thing for him and he is the few role model i look after.

It's always at times like this i'm not sure whether 'The road not taken' usually brings me unnecessary pain or more challenges that i might regret missing in life. Also an issue with lazy bugger attitude of mine - 'I don't want to bother..' or 'how troublesome' .. or 'it's ok the current way'

To do or not to do, make up your mind man.

at some moments the path looks crystal clear. Revisit on my old pondering posts here and here and here -funny how much you can get from one guys adventure and one anime, i mean not 100% but they got the major points spot on ya. 

"Trust the eyes of your heart" - Kazuya Minekura

Friday, January 29, 2016

Have you seen Bill? Be like Bill

A cute meme that I noticed been circulating facebook posts and mentioned in OneFM radio station nowadays.

Out of curiosity, here is the source from wikipedia.

The meme has been described as "a way for people to passive-aggressively call out social media behaviours that annoy them."[4] The meme also attracted a large number of detractors who criticized the meme's tone and lack of self-awareness

Can even random generate one as well on enblobla, although i don't really know what's the real point.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Work: New vs old flow ISDP vs Isite

We have new tools to use and was given crash course on it just now.
New on left (ISDP) , old on right (Isite)

Welcome to new tool world,based on arrow numbers..

Chinese New Year biscuit baking - Arrowhead chips (aka ngaku)

Another super simple CNY goody. Not sure if this belongs to biscuit category, but it's definitely a traditional delicacy for Chinese folks.
It's known as ngaku ,  suku, or chiku. Not sure of where all this nicknames originate from.

This slicer from Mr DIY @ RM2.30

Recipe you ask? More like steps here:
a) slice into chip-like pieces using the proper slicer
b) fry in cooking oil till golden brown. 
c) drain or lay on baking paper. 
d) sprinkle with salt to taste - Wendy's method adds salt to frying oil, so no need do this step.

* she got a lot of details if you are interested. Such as how to choose arrow head below:

"Just get those with nice smooth butts, no cracks & they'll be good"

End product, 2x canister from our RM6.50 @ RM0.50 per 100g

Saw that Jusco had a RM0.28 per100 g rate, but we hold off from buying thinking that we should finish frying our chips first. 

Checked again yesterday and it's all sold out. First canister already fully consumed by baby E by now. Time to resupply & re-fry again i guess.

Ok la, give face abit..need effort also & careful not to slice your own fingers.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Play idea with kids: Xylophone song by circles & color

Wife said she read from Osbourne something about this idea. But she don't have a mini piano, so different instrument is used. Just teach your kiddo to hit following the color.

London bridge is falling down color notes. You can use this idea for any rhythm that is playable on this instrument. Maybe too early for baby E at the moment haha.

Nice Nasi Lemak @ Mahkota Cheras

At the corner right opposite shell petrol station inside Mahkota Cheras

This is my #1 favourite at the moment in Mahkota Cheras.
Used to go for pasar pagi Malay stall but i think the sambal or chili has less spicy kick.

Location: Right at corner opposite Shell/Petronas station.
Time: everyday, start @ ~8am till 10am +

This one is what Cantonese call PengLengCheng - cheap, nice & tasty
At RM1 per pack, can get a standard nasi lemak pack with good portion of santan rice & sambal.
Add RM1 for fried egg and it's already a hearty breakfast meal.
Can opt for separate sambal & extra peanuts at no cost =)

Get there early as the stall will start attracting flies after 9 am+. This is the only downside, although they did cover their food but still its still a big turn-off.

Perfect with a cup of black coffee.
Can't find anything this good at the price nowadays.

Newbie blogger: Add a video of your own

Tried the blogger way and yes, i can embed my own video from google photo backup but it won't play at all no matter what i do.

steps below don't work =(

When you do the above & select 'from your phone' this is what you get.

After playing around, i found the only way this method will work is to:
a) upload the video to youtube as host, set to public
b) Embed it like normally how we embed youtube video. Share , get the url or copy the blogger code to Html.

Selecting from 'my youtube' then it should work.

Finally able to fix the last post about my first Sogo member sales day trip , published without knowing that all the videos are not working.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY fix broken chair backrest

We have this old 5yr-old Carrefour chair with it's backrest broken at home, still keep it as a leverage to fetch things from higher cupboard/wardrobe at home. To restore it's functionality i try to diy a short term fix to it.

I'm no spider, so no fancy webbing patterns here.I just do some simple criss-cross knots across the frame. The idea is to create a frame to place a small pillow as the replacement back rest. We have this ball of strings sitting around, can't remember where we got them from.

An old T-shirt to re-cycle as the cover. See the little pillow underneath it.

Once done, place the pillow at the backrest/knotted area, let it 'sit' on the bottom part of the knots. Then slip the T-shirt on to act as cover. Pull the rest of the excess part behind, twist & tie it with a string. Bundle & twist it inwards to make it look neat.

Here is the end product. Tried & feels quite comfy but not sure how long it can last though.



After cleaning up this little room on 2nd floor, i think its ready to be a study room.

Clear cache & cookies fix for Internet Explorer

Still using dumb IE for work. For some reason they make it work only in IE , so at times the sites got jammed and need to ask IT to help.

Here is the DIY steps that the IT Miss helps list down to fix-it-yourself jammed IEs that you think should be working, but not really showing correctly on the browser.

a) Internet Options > delete
b) At same place , goto Setting > View files, delete everything ; temp files & cookies
c) Hit F12 at the page, then clear all cache.

 It should work after this *pray hard*

Sogo KL sales 22-23 Jan 2016 -MyJourney

Just to capture my 1st experience @ Sogo sales day on weekend. Not so pack said the lady staff at the entrance of the mall.

I wonder how does very packed look like..


We went for free parking (tip!) nearby, opposite Maju Jn. Supposed it never needed any parking ticket since traffic police seems to ignore this area for some reason, but park at your own risk!. It's nearby the famous RSMY restaurant known for their cheese Naan. Reached the mall @ ~12.45pm.

At the entrance no-so-pack-lady-staff handling this booth for kiddie handstrap, pretty good thing to have for kiddos especially bigger than duplets pack since the place gets quite crowded and we can't have our eyes on both the goods and moving kiddos 100% of the time ya.

Wife assures me this is a normal scene.

Or can be worse with dads & crying/rolling on floor/jumping kids sitting & waiting.

In general, there are quite good deals for members. It's members' sales day so be sure to borrow or applied for the card in advance, 10x points that can exchange into shopping vouchers for more future shoppings, whee. 

According to wife, RM100 will be able to exchange RM10 voucher, so that's 10% off, and goods range from 50% to (50% + another 40%) off. Then top on with credit card cash back..hmmm that's quite a lot of discounts.

For newbies like me, direction boards is important. Things are separated by type & floor. So pretty convenient to just look at the left side readable prints. The rest are too small for our eyes here yo.

Sogo do have quite fun promoters. They get boy staffs in pairs shouting 'Happy hours' and other promotional goods that's 'hot' at the moment. Not meant to poke fun at these guys, they really do their job well.

Found a little more peaceful space at Level 3 sports department.. Not for long, after lunch it start to fill up.

For some food, we headed to GF D'Saji restaurant , that should be the name..It's packed till no place to sit despite it being 2.30 pm already.


Cheap food for this location, RM1.50 bihun & RM0.90 per karipap. This pap is goody and big. For drinks, I headed to the supermarket right beside here & got us a Farm Fresh Yogurt milk @ RM5 to share.

After this, we headed up for more shopping, by the time we leave,it's almost 7pm already. Gosh!

What's next for Sogo? It's never boring at Sogo, have fun ppl =)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Chinese New Year biscuit baking - Almond sliced biscuit (round version)

This easy recipe shared & proofed by wife + sister-in-law.
See below recipe for their version that don't require cutting - round shaped goodies!

Florenta no stock, so she substitute with Bianetta as recommended by the bakery shop people.
Both are the yellowish white powdery thing, you bake it you get this caramel-like stuff that binds everything together for this recipe.

a) Almond slice + pumpkin seed + black sesame seed, 200g
b) Florenta powder, 100g
c) a + b mix together & place inside cupcake mold
d) Pre-heat oven ~5-10 min & place inside to bake @ 150C for 10 min.

* for 42L oven, step d is 150C for 15min.
*For Faber small oven, her experiment for a nice brown colour caramel is lower down to 130C for another 5min

Almond slice RM16.10, 200g & Pumpkin seed 

Bianetta on the measurement tray

Bienetta/Florenta @ RM28.80 , 600g

Variation of baking style, most people lay the mix on baking try & need to cut using pizza knife. So to skip the cutting after 1st fail - everything falls apart when cutting, she opted for cupcake mold from MR. DIY haha. Take note to place the mix for thicker slice..too thin & the biscuit will burn during baking.

Top view

Ready for sealing until Chinese New Year.