Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photoblogging: Around Dallas/Texas

Haven't been active since i've reached Dallas. Just a pictorial summary :p

Where i live.

Where i go to work. No matter when.

In the morning...

or night...

of course daytime

rain or shine

...or even thunderstorm?!

or drive to the end of the horizon for work.
well now you can guess how i spent most of my time.

Sightseeing portion..
Stockyard with its cattle run or watever they call it. It's like a restaurant menu picture and its actual size hehe

Cowboy giftshop haven

City of Dallas

Just kidding,this is the city of Dallas

Galleria's skating ring..where the rich shoppers gather

Can sculpture competition @ Northpark Mall

Grapevine mill

Where farmers gathers

Tutti frutti

Rock melon from Dallas, sweet.

San Marcos Outlet

Ok..back to the manhole cover conquest, cause im feeling lazy now :p


Fortworth, Stockyard.

Gotta get em all!
*start exploring Sherman site for a manhole* xD