Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lazada: My first time use experience - microSD card

This is my first time using Lazada and it's pretty impressive what good deals you can find, if you try hard enough searching. After searching & comparing for a while, i got a grasp of average pricing for a class 10 microSD card 128Gb which is around RM90+/-. Good thing about lazada is they do free shipping.

Placed my order on this date: 9th-Jan-2017
Received on

Thumbs up for the efficiency.

I received additional items along with my order, which is a nice surprise. A USB LED light, well still its free even if it's not very useful and a SD card reader, now that is pretty nice.

Upon plug in , my Mate 8 detects a potentially slow card on a class 10? sd card. Hmm..maybe it's a pirated version and some message saying that this card maybe corrupted. Google a bit & after formatting the card , i have not seen these 2 message anymore.

Don't notice any sluggish response when i take photo, view gallery & play video. So it's all good enough for me. Let's see far/long this little guy-huge capacity can go.

Thumbs up to Lazada for giving me a pleasant purchase experience =)

Update: nothing comes too cheap. Let this be lesson to my silly self LOL...Can't be a RM35 price for 128GB...It's practically useless since it randomly corrupts files which beats the purpose of having an SD card. Well...I'll stick to market price and branded product from now i guess at least for this range of products and due to rband reliability. Should've gone with RM 90+/- Kingston or scandisk 🤔😓

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Restaurant New Paris @ SS2 PJ & all CNY lunchs/dinners

Colleague organize our very own CNY dinner , lou sang as first blood of this week. With many to come later on. Googling the place, i read that this place is good and affordable price.

GPS location:3.1188539,101.6236683

Parking can be easily found in front row, roadside of this restaurant.

This lou sang dish, i saw costs RM63. Wow, to me it's a bit pricey for some vege and other stuff mixed in.

It's special salty fish chicken and water melon. 

Total 9 pax and RM45 per head. Since there is no sponsor for this, it's AA (asing-asing) haha.

We having a blessed lunch & dinner like usual on week before CNY.

Unique Seafood @ Citta Mall (B** sponsor)

South Sea @ Kg Subang Melayu (A* sponsor)

 KL convention center (H* grandpa sponsor)

That's 4 times lou sang in a week. Pretty scary, getfit2017 plan going down the drain 😣

Update: #5 is Oriental Pavillion @ Jaya 33 PJ.

CNY 2017 preparation & baking

This year we are extra hardworking. Do house painting (not all but covered alot of places), cleaning up plan to settle this week and early baking. Most weekends on Jan are all very busy.

Ngaku picking frenzy @ Econsave as soon as fresh new batch is added.
RM25 or ~ 3kg + ngaku or suku peeling/slicing and frying done, thanks to MIL coming to rescue. 

Will capture all the Results of hardwork DIY baking hehe.

Peanut cookies recipe (to be shared soon)
German cookies (to be shared soon)

Some other previous recipes:

a) Ngaku baking recipe
b) Almond sliced cookies recipe
c) Cornflake cookies recipe

Same CNY family tree map for angpau packing- with a little update. Old one still applicable but need to note some new members addition this year :D

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reno @ MDPKT20

The cost of reno. 

BR 2.8 x3 = 8.4
Kitch = 1.8 + 1.6

Paint + some tools = 0.2
LED + misc = 0.1

Total damage = 12.8 + 0.3
=13.1  so expensive




Monday, January 16, 2017

Murni Discovery @ Kelana Jaya

It's a bad pic i know LOL. Can't do much as i stand too near the staircase wall when snapping haha.

GPS location:3.1014129,101.5999935,14

Parking as usual at this area is a bit a hassle, just park around in front of shop houses.

This place is supposedly quite atas aka classy than your standard mamak stall with more fancy dishes version of mamak at a slightly higher price. It's a cozy eatery with quite good environment (here is the 2nd floor interior shown). Service is quite fast and there is huge selection to choose from.

Ordered a sirap bandung, forgot the actualy price ~RM3 i think.

My order of German maggi , which is not too bad. It's portion is big, just like a dry version of curry maggi sup, must say the noddles is quite bouncy good compared to it's maggi goreng. It's not really a healthy choice i guess, considering i just gobbled up at least 2-3 weeks worth of maggi quota haha.

Total costs RM 9.50 including drinks. Quite nice place to hang out with friends i guess, only thing i dislike is their tendency to stick the ticket of your order into your plate. I had one sticker on the cup which is ok, but the ones swimming at the edge of my plate ..it's a bit of a turn off frankly speaking. Again not a bad place, as its famous franchise known to serve big portions of food at decent standard taste & quality.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks @ Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

GPS location: 3.1051058,101.5939629

Located at LG floor of paradigm, among the food shacks right across Tesco entrance.

New Year sepcial crispy chicken with egg yolk sold here. We shared one and it's not that impressive.

The queue waiting for food is pretty impressive. Our orders of rice set with crispy fried chicken being prepared.

RM15 shared among us and one set of Egg yolk XXL fried chicken. Sadly, the taste is only mediocre and similar to Uncle Bob's at pasar malam. Rice is normal with some soy sauce draped over & 3 pieces of soft tofu to compete the meal together with a V-Soy drink.

For this price, this is the first & last time i will visit Shihlin on my own. You can get the same for slightly cheaper @ pasar malam unless you fancy crispy chicken with some rice + drink as above.