Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Withdrawal from kwsp/epf

First there are a few stages to withdraw. Here we only start withdrawal process after bank loan secured and paid 10% down payment for our secondary purchase.

1. Request a kwsp format loan statement at your bank by walk-in application. For Maybank we don't need to bring any specific doc except to verify with our ID. This one takes about 5-10 days processing time. Please make sure the statement has a bank seal (round chop).

2. Bring this document to kwsp branch, in my case I choose Kajang jln Reko branch. You can also print your latest statement and bring along. No need any form filling.


At this point, I took number and went to counter. The bank statement check is the one that stumped me, as the lady in charge politely tells it needs a bank round seal stamping. There is no space or writing stating it's needed but it's what kwsp checked.

So I took a detour to nearest jalan tukang Maybank and luckily the person in charge helped out by stamping on behalf. Take another trip back, no need to take number this time, just approach the lady that served me just now and we are done after fingerprinting her receipt document and giving me a customer copy. I need to give Maybank a call on how to handle kwsp's dis bursement. Pretty strange huh...

Anyway, for first time epf withdrawal we just need kwsp format bank loan statement and current own kwsp statement. If you didn't print the statement, it's available at kwsp branch, just login to the kiosk machine and print a copy with help of a staff of course.

For second time withdrawal , we can apply it online via kwsp's i-akaun. So it's pretty convenient, but after this lump sum withdrawal my account 2 will be quite dry for a while..

Friday, May 26, 2017

Y u work so long?

Yesterday my 3yr 8mth old baby asked , 'Papa y u work so long?' meaning why you spend such long time working away from home. I rarely reach home earlier than 8.30pm. and to this I have no answer, except for a silent smile to my dear little gal.

 is this a wake up call, to FEAR?

Only god knows when my chance will come. It's definitely been some crazy times so frequent change of directions, under a mad warden, and after a mad king ascended the throne. Well as a friend used to tell me:

'He is crazy. We can never understand crazy people' - no use trying to figure out what he wants

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dr Sleep by SteveK review

It's been a while since i last posted. 2nd week since the last announcement to on hold the NFV project. Kind of glad and still sets chills on my back on how we are navigating blindly without proper knowledge of delivering it. Anyway it's all good now, at least will survive a week at a time. I can't sleep on weekends even with a long 3rd day public holiday. That's when i picked up Dr Sleep.

source: googleimage

Can't deny that I've loved the King's work all along. Never read the Shining, but this one is a page turner. Took me only 1 week of on and off reading to run through the novel of Dan T's adventure with Abra Stone and sidecasts like John Dalton,Billy Freeman, Halloran and of course them baddies True Knot. King's magic is always at how he managed to weave nightmares, those mentally and in shadows. Spooky type that keeps you awake like how Deenie & Tommy haunts Dan T. How the shining works against it's user. Apparently it's a sequel to the shining, so am looking forward to visit the time when Dan T is a kid.

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read in reverse as 'murder'

Now i'm floating in between broken dreams and just survive mode - don't drown for now. It's decided, this is no longer a sanctuary. It's my version of  Overlook Hotel. Let's put down all the pieces on the warmap slowly and once all is in place;

FEAR = fuck everything and run!