Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ken & Shirley Ramen @ Seri Kembangan

This is one of my favourite place for spicy soup spinach ramen & chilli pan mee with slight twist but still good. Probably don't need much introduction to many who stays near Seri Kembangan area. Great food and with affordable price, but don't expect restaurant like environment. It's more like a hawker style shed for you to have a meal & then move on.

GPS location: 3.0218074,101.6973229

Parking is almost non existent in front of this shop. However, just opposite the road are shoplots where you can get ample parking spaces. Just park your ride there & hop over the busy road over for your ramen time.

 Standard serving of seaweed, spinach + spinach ramen and some corns accompanied by 2 pork ball and 1 fish ball. Pretty good portion for 1 serving. The fiery soup is the one that keeps people coming back i guess. My mouth gets watery just thinking of the spicy soup that sets ones mouth on fire slowly over the course of meal.

For those who are don't favor too spicy stuff, you go with clear soup version. This one wifey says got quite minimum MSG.

Simple hand written menu for your reference.

To sum it up simply, big portion, cheap and good ramen. Go for spicy soup spinach ramen if you like to challenge spicy food, clear soup if you are not the spice crazy type or again challenge the chilli pan mee's spiciness - tried before, it's good but different version of pan mee than Kin kin's. This is so the place for me with all it's fiery type of ramen/noodle haha. Still can't decide who is better when wifey challenged me to choose the best.

Personal update:
Been on a hiatus lately. crazy bz at work and working hard on >6km per day on getfit2016. Managed to lost 3kg over the last 6 months from 69kg to 66kg. Pretty good achievement as i don't practice super strict diet. Just consistent jogging every weekday and take a break if i'm feeling exhausted. Endomondo, pokemon running and myfitness pal is now like a daily ritual LOL. POE-ing too, shh..