Friday, July 21, 2017

My Beloved Mum

This day revealed to me that she still care. Although i didn't say in details, but her reply surprised and touched me deeply. Without hesitation she provide. It's been years since i thought shedon't care anymore. But her words today, that i'm still herson and it is alright. These words are so strong. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Deeply touched till i burst into tears gradually as she pat me on my back and reminded me to come to her if i'm in deep shit- something that i have  not done for a really long time in my life so far. I've been staying out and away from home for years now and she reckon that it's tough for me which i admitted in between uncontrollable sobs, as life has given me a hell of a bitching time recently. Something that makes me keep wondering how long can i keep this going before i collapse. Thank you, i've probably whispered this quietly but would like to keep this post here and dedicate this song to all the awesome mums out there.