Friday, May 27, 2016

Goodbye Baicaoyuan

Finally it's the last day of the 2 week C8 training. Quite a good experience to hear from your colleagues from all over the world. Pretty fun to have Europeans in the class. Polish, Italian and Russian people are quite outspoken and makes things quite interesting.

Z-nation S1 finished through class tablet. Huawei M2 tablet is pretty neat thing to have at ~RM1200 might be a good buy.

Enough of too oily and salty food, but we'll still be in SZ for another 2 days. Enough smacking of mosquitoes in hotel room. Cheap Tsingtao @ 3.9 Yuan per bottle. Well, i guess it's time to head back home soon.

Important thing is we make more new friends this time around.
Kind of miss baby girl & wifey. Yea, i'm coming home.

Park inside Block F Training Center

Still inside Training Center

lobby of the training center

common queue

Lobby of Baicaoyuan

One of the noon time outdoor class activities

It's quite a fun class.