Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kam Wan White Coffee @ Ipoh aka Mushroom/Ipoh Garden

After 4 hours crawl on NS highway on a post Raya balik from balik kampung on last Saturday, we pulled over from Ipoh toll for dinner. Quick call to wifey's friend and her recommendation is to the Mushroom Garden aka Ipoh Garden/Kam Wan hawker. It's opposite Hospital Fatima, a huge landmark that's hard to miss.

GPS location: 4.6104115,101.1070787

Coming in from the NS highway direction, Jusco Ipoh is on your right keep going towards Fatima Hospital. Once you spot public bank on your left turn in & you can find the hawker center a row of shoplots in the vicinity.

Parking space opposite the hawker center is quite convenient. If we take the table on left side of picture below, we actually get clear sight of the carpark opposite, really pleasant to have haha. Convenient to watch over our car parked there while being seated since we have some stuff from home inside the car.

Already packed to brim ~7+ pm. This looks like a good place to grab a bite for travelling people & locals alike.

Quickly spotted is the long persisting queue at this pandan rice ala nasi lemak style stall. So my choice this round will be here.

Close up of the finishing fried chicken. Hot pick of all time.

This looks good too, fried mantis prawn.

The seller in action.
Total damage of RM6.80 for pandan rice, the very last piece of fried chicken by the time its my turn to order accompanied with acar vege. Pretty pricey considering this is Ipoh yo. 

Taste i would say is pretty good with mixed curry and flavorful santan curry..still nothing to shout about considering the very long queue. It's safe to give this a pass if you are in a hurry. Would give credit to the good proportion of fried chicken served. In my opinion there are a LOT of places all over Malaysia, KL and Penang that offers similar standard nasi lemak style dish at similar price depending on where you are.

Some chinese style yam kuih i guess.

Other dishes we tried is the wet popiah (RM1 each roll) and lui cha with rice (RM4.50 each).

RM1 for the popiah is a good deal. Big popiah roll filled with vege and some crispy fried crunch albeit a bit too oily. Will be perfect if the fried crunch is drained properly. Wifey said the lui cha is good depsite it's pale presentation/appearance. It's located near the end where the hawker center's toilet is. 

Still a lot of things to try here. Will plan to drop by again next time to try em all.