Friday, February 10, 2017

Omaya Restaurant @ Subang Jaya

Finally get to visit this place for a friend's birthday party. It's quite famous now for it's korean dak galbi served with cheese - well famous as been heavily advertised in social media.

Okay , can only read Omaya here ~.~

GPS location: 3.0737908,101.5886806
Oh-mai ah...parking @ Subang Jaya SS14 area is pretty rough. Better luck if you just park below the building than making a couple of turns around the shoplot blocks.

It's on 2nd floor and the construction themed decor starts now, and from outside you can see rows of chairs outside the restaurant for waiting guests and a number collection counter. One seating will have a timer, not more than 2.5 or 3 hours if i remember correctly, seeing that the place is quite crowded i guess that's a control point for the shop.

There is a 50% off promotion for each guest if they check in Omaya facebook page for above drinks only. This one need to validate at counter when we make payment later.

LKS dak galbi dish is probably the main one. The portion can serve up to 3 person and price pretty high.

The 2nd choice is the overkill dish we ordered. One table typically seats 4 person.

The actual dish here, also with some chicken dak galbi & cheese on it's side. Surprised that the instant noodle is there already to boil together.

There are so many staffs serving for the premise. This dish only needs to add soup & let both dakgalbi & soup boil. Pretty nice and special from ordinary dakgalbi/korean ramyun noodle if you haven't have an experience with one of these.

Drinks is a mixture of fruit juice with carbonated drinks. Nice for some people i gues, but for the price was expecting real juice.

Opps the LKS is an actual dish with real dakgalbi in middle of it, forgot to snap one photo before feasting. Mind you there is a lot of cheese so extra points for you cheese lovers. With this same setting, we get option to fried rice with galbi sauce & cheese at the end.

First add some onion, veges and galbi sauce.

Rice and then do a reverse nasi pattaya with cheese. Looks pretty nice, but taste-wise is only soso.

The trademark of the shop, chilli fried chicken with cheese. Not spicy, so not my type of hot wings.

Overall, this place is worth to visit for at least once. But it's a bit over-rated in my opinion still the crowd probably proved me wrong(?). A little pricey plus the long wait is a turn off to me. My preference is towards Uncle Jang if i'm looking for a less fancy dak gal bi meal haha :)