Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Unexpected kindness

Was surviving whole day without proper breakfast and lunch. But as it happened that way, wifey gave me 2 bananas in morning which I refused at first. But she insisted. These 2 became my lifesaver as i was hard pressed to finish up some work tasks.

My apprentice (I guess) brought me a mini snicker bar which somehow ended in my bag. And it became my only edible lunch while I rush through some correction in MS project. So ngam...Maybe god already has all these pieces arranged. But I'm thankful to these gestures from people around me.

I hope this ordeal doesn't go on indefinitely, it's driving me crazy. Hope it makes me stronger, and better. I will be better on next one. This one I will follow it closely..

Speaking on MS project, I'm very thankful for teacher Tre*** who taught me about this, seems like at least I'm half notch better than most I met.

It's my time of reflection and recollection to be thankful of what I get. Good night.

*Must say that my boss is treating quite well, supportive...Probably cause it's his area of expertise hahahah