Friday, September 22, 2017

Minor Reno- Solid wood door cost

Another cost of wear and tear. One of the rooms door is broken, actually long overdue but this time the tenant managed to tear down the door. When they left, and i came back to inspect they managed to place the door back and it easily fall off upon touch.

After asking around and checking online, finally head over to Seng Kong Door nearby @ Jalan Puchong Batu 6. They don't do service for plywood door which is only RM78+. Meaning no transport delivery available as well. Installation is by their partner contractors sifu @ RM60. But with no delivery service it doesn't help at all.

End up need to go for solid door, which they can provide transport and since the installer is available today , i took up the deal offered.


Solid wood door -cheapest quality  @ RM200
Transport cost @ RM30
Lock @ RM25
3x Hinge @ RM15
+GST of ~ RM16


Adding up above material & transport damage is RM286.

Installation cost RM65 (paid him extra RM5 as he is pretty professional)

'Work pass/toll' cost RM30  - explained below.

Total damage is RM381. 

Now here is the unexpected part. Condo units i know they usually require paperwork for major reno. Went down to check with guard since Seng Kong shop guy called and ask whether they are allowed to work today. First guy said its fine since I'm owner.

When the transporter arrived, 2nd Indian guard appeared and said no. First dude is nowhere in sight now. Need paperwork and refused to let the lorry in. He had to drop the door at guard house and bring the door up to my unit, luckily not too far. Next the predictable issues follows when the installer arrives. He was not allowed to enter and work, again same guard causing issues. I came down and told him that it's only one door, still reluctant to budge saying he is doing his work only etc..

After some moments arguing, i asked him how we can settle this outside of management and he demanded RM50. Pretty outrageous, i refused and told him its too much. He replied that he has 4 guards to split to. This goes on for a while. I'm not going to send the installer home without getting anything done today. Eventually he settled for RM30 and asked me to drop it behind the guard house.

Not much i can do at the spur of moment, as i dont' have time to fool around with this bugger. So had to pay the RM30 'toll' fees from the security that we paid their salary for via management fees. Now for the post scenario thoughts, i will need to take some time and try to figure out how to take action. This is plain daylight robbery!

We as owners of the condo units being blackmailed and harassed by the guards entrusted to safe keep the residential.. There will be a retribution chapter soon, of that i can be quite sure of to make it happen with proper planning.

Not meaning to be racist but the transporter and installer both also commented that this kind of extortion happens everywhere in their daily work life when it's Indian guards others are okay, Chinese, Malay, Pakistani, Nepal or Bangladeshi.. That's pretty low and pariah man.

Anyway, today i get to accomplish all my objectives in a day.