Sunday, September 24, 2017

Suki-Ya Shabu Shabu @Mytown Cheras shopping mall

Was introduced to my colleagues to this shabu shabu steamboat buffet restaurant @ Paradigm previously. This time we visited Mytown and IKEA Cheras to buy some curtain rails & also got there early for baby E to play at Ikea's Smaland play area. (foc of course haha). Come lunch time, we proceed to Mytown Level 2 which is also at same floor as Arashi Shabu Shabu. Not sure how good is Arashi , maybe next time can try out.

GPS location: 3.1350649,101.7124423

Parking of course is at carpark, which totals up to RM2.22 for our visit of plus minus 4 hours. I got the discount chop scan for my touch n go from the Ikea's cashier counter when making payment.

Here is the setup. Choose 2 base - we took kimuchi , a slightly spicy kimchi soup like base and shabu shabu which is basically a clear stock. Vinegar & the sweet spicy sauce is given as the condiments by default and each pax get to choose either lamb, chicken or beef slice - the main shabu shabu treat.

According to wiki, the Japs actually use uncooked egg as one of the dips. Take a slice of your meat, dip into the boiling soup until it turns and quickly take out and dip slightly into the raw egg and eat. Well, im not really that adventurous, so go into very classic steamboat style dip until it turn, wait a while to make sure everything's cooked and dip into the provided sweet spicy sauce or vinegar if i feel like it.

Vinegar on left , the sweet spicy sauce on right.

Here is a closer look at the pot before things get pretty steamy and soup is boiling. The veges and meatballs are all buffet style on the counter, feel free to grab as much as you can stomach. There is also a small sushi corner with ready made sushis for your consumption. The other side of the buffet counter is the soft serve green tea, chocolate or mixed of both ice cream machine.

We ordered chicken and lamb. Don't take beef so didn't try out. Chicken is pretty normal, lamb is nice and we are not limited only these 2x2 trays stacked together, order at will and fill yourselves silly.

I'm thinking this is pretty good treat after a long day burning carbs like a half day gardening, or hiking etc..then refill back your depleted energies through a sumptuous shabu shabu meal. like this one Pretty darn nice.

After all the things consumed, there is always rooms for a cup of ice cream to seal the meal. It's free for baby E and price per pax is ~RM35 , additional RM2 for weekend dining. The meal totals up on damage of ~RM81 including 10% tax and 6% service charge.

Not too bad given the unlimited ordering and veges/meatballs we can take from the counter.