Monday, November 14, 2016

Bt Feringghi-Penang Hill-David Browns-Genting Cafe

Long overdue post, almost forgotten about this until i scan through my gallery on phone. We ended up by this little beach side in the morning with ma girl & little girl. Let's try to go backwards chronologically & see if this works 😜

oopsie wrong setting on my hp cam. 

Shots from Mate 8 Huawei is actually not so bad 

Added filter for this one, quite nice feel haha. We came over from opposite side where we stayed the night on a rented RM500 per night cluster house ( if i got the figures right).

Last view from Penang Hill at ~10pm

Dinner at David Browns-  celebrating the wedding of relative.

GPS location: 5.382966,100.2687689

Not really that awesome- i know this is not a SLR. 

One more try here. 


One more 

 Ok this is before after i saw shadow of dragonite on Pokemon-Go. Yup shadow only :(

Ice cream desert, err...its a bit blur 

Hot latte

Here the shadow, didn't even get a glimpse or shot to capture LOL

Another night view from the hill. 

Lamb steak, they said it's only soso. Too chewy.

Appetizer - slice of roast duck & salad 

Some sort of fish - forgot what it is hahaaha. Not really remarkable.


Mushroom soup is pretty authentic, they home made it i guess. not some canned sh1t. 

Here is a better angle at my dish ,the fish. It's pretty decent actually. 

Before dusk. 

The prepared tables.

Evening lights effect- no i didn't add filter to it.

This cafe is pretty nice with a live performance from a lone guitarist playing classics like First Time is the Deepest , 21 Guns etc.

Can't help keep taking shots Penang from here huh.

This a bit dark.




Sorry dude, got 'Gantz'ed or blasted by it's alien blaster gun heheh 

Hey creepy cartoon is your guide here. 

sky walk wasn't here the last time i was in Penang Hill bout 15 years ago.

Shot from the platform once we reached. Took about less than 10 minutes to get up the steep hill. 

Platform waiting for the 'cable' car. It's more like a tram now, wonder why it's called cable car actually. Only hiked up before once my whole life.

The map, well not really helpful since we won't have time to explore around the place. 

The old type of car?

Ticket costs RM10 , about there each adult. Need to show IC to prove that we are not foreigners, well it's the procedure so worth a mention here.

The arch of Bukit Bendera.

Went around near Khoo Kongsi area or aka the famous wall painting area in Penang.

Bikes for rent.

 These antiques/curiosities shop really mushrooms around the area for tourists i guess. 

Breakfast at Genting Cafe, it's quite a gem. Many nice local dishes can be found here.

GPS location: 5.382967,100.301691
Parking is a bit hard to find there, unless you want to risk a 'saman' by parking in front of Hamid Khan's gate. Probably safe since it's in front of houses facing the school. Park at your own risk!

Decent curry mee, may be quite tasteless. It's our 3rd bowl of food in same seating afterall XD

Hokkien mee. Many random places in Penang can surprise you. Worth to have if you happen to drop by.

Alas, the famous chee cheong fun - undisputed king of CCF @ Island Glades to me. Peanut butter flavored sweet sauce + chilli + har kor (prawn paste) sauce. Eat with spoon to scrape each bit of delightful taste-plosion =) 

Yeah, this is how this whole journey started.