Thursday, November 10, 2016

Go noodle house @ Sunway Giza

This place should be a hit among people at Sunway Giza there. There was a queue going on when we went on a weekday lunch time.

GPS location: 3.0732223,101.6064331

It's located on the opposite side of Public bank - that side of Sunway Giza.

Ordered the spicy soup noodle, trademark of the shop that is served with it's bursting pork ball.

Ordered 104B (menu pic via

It's supposed to be spicy, but a bit disappointing as the soup is a bit on plain side of scale. My friend says it's better at other branches though. Only 1 ball actually burst when i took a bite. At almost the end of of the bowl i start feeling the slow heat of the soup spiciness.

Can't say I'm impressed with it this time. Maybe it's abit watery this time on soup? Well, if given a chance will try again to make sure. Oh, do take note that this part of the mall is surprisingly without air-con, all you get is the fan to ventilate yourself while enjoying your noodle :)