Tuesday, November 29, 2016

water ponding test : update

For those who Re interested, the result of ponding test we've done. Considered failed, only pass for the shower area and water retain only for 2 out of 3 bathroom. Quite surprising since it's reputable developer N***j** or L*** group.

Long story short, we found one bathroom leaking with obvious signs and another dried out with no water spot trace yet. Some very small spots appeared on ground floor ceiling, so this is enough for us to submit the as failed ponding test in defect list. Wifey had an argument with contractor when they said ponding test is only for shower area...don't really make sense, cause then he expects my bathroom to leak everytime i decide to wash the whole floor? 

Below are photos of our inspection & after 2nd time re-do ponding test it still failed.

Big leak spot, very hard to miss this one. We actually visited at night with no electricity, and found that it's easier to detect water spots using our smartphone light. Well that is if you don't mind the darkness haha.

2nd time re-do with plastic bag ponding test.

2nd floor shower area do retain some water. But this is also not good sign.. how about the rest of bathroom area? I thought bathroom is meant to get wet?

There goes 2nd time ponding test here as well, with plastic bag.