Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Indian stall under the big tree @ nearby Maharajalela station

Just as i mentioned about this place, then came my opportunity to stop by this place. I would say this place serves authentic and good Indian rice (not banana leaf), but still good. We came a tad bit too early, so fried cauliflower is not yet ready =(

GPS location: 3.1385673,101.6991968

Just take a left from if you are coming from Cheras/Loke Yew direction. Parking is available along the roadside of flats further inside the area or feel free to park at open car park just on right hand side when you turn in from earlier junction.

In morning they serve traditional style roti/naan/chapatti with the 3 bucket style gravy holder.

My choce today is lots of mixed gravy and this thick looking gravy covered chicken. Together with pappadum and rasam (need to request). Have to say its satisfying spicy and flavorful meal.

The rasam served is a bit lighter in flavor, maybe just come at around 12.45pm will just right to get all available dishes.

Ordered a teh o ais limau to accompany meal. Stuffed to the brim =)

Can't make sense of the breakdown either..totals up to RM17. 2 meal 1 with meat & 1 without, 1 glass of iced drink + papaddum + rasam for 2.