Thursday, December 15, 2016

RSMY house of real beriani @ Bandaraya

Although beriyani rice is probably the main food here, judging by its name we came over for the cheese naan. It's pretty good, you get quite good portion of cheese stuffed inside your naan experience-  give it a try but you might skip on Fridays as they will take a long break over lunch time.

GPS location: 3.158291,101.694692
Just opposite Maju junction or nearby Sogo area, it's an ideal place to grab a bite if you are shopping nearby. You can park around the area infront of RSMY if you can find any available. They are coin operated parking lots, but since you sit in front of the shop you can safely eat on watch haha if you're up to it. Or pay some coins for a peace of mind meal.

There is a lot of cheese in this RM6+ naan , i will let the picture show. The downside is you need to order a side daal or gravy/meat to go with it, unless you like your naan just by itself.

The mango lassi is very thick but abit too sugary for my taste. Costs about RM5+

Here is the naan and the separately ordered daal. If only they serve daal free, it would be perfect. The daal is good and thick , costing RM2 per bowl. It's enough to share for 2 with a cheese nan each unless you are the banjir type of person and mind you this is only normal cheese naan and it's being complimented by some as cheese overflowing (melimpah) at affordable price.

Try topping up another RM2-3 and get the extra cheese naan for a different level of cheesy experience. Might just do that on my next visit =)

Now see this, the cheese filled inside of naan. Just anyone can fall in love with it haha. Recommend to at least try it once. FIL tried it and while visiting for SIL convo and still thinking of it.