Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Goon Wah XO Fish Head Noodle & Claypot Loh Shu Fun @ Kuchai Lama

First visited this place about 1 year + ago with D* and SK*. Serves quite unique claypot loh shu fun and decent XO fish head noodle. Finally we have a chance to drop by last week, apparently it opens on Saturdays now, it used to be open on weekdays lunch time only.

GPS location: 3.090435,101.681116

Parking can be easily found in front of the shop row or opposite, just beware that people here seem to double park haphazardly and take care not to get blocked haha.

Anyway, we drop by at ~3pm after our special painting project/training at nearby MDPK2. I continued after work yesterday and finished the gloss paint/job can now. That's RM2x+ worth of paint used.

Back to this food topic, 2 things that are recommended by most people here are their claypot loh shu fun & XO fish head noodle.

Interesting serving style, we are supposed to stir the loh shu fun while it's hot. It is topped with pork lard pieces, fried shrimp and soy covered mince meat gravy and some chilli/vege garnish. Have quite some wok hei. Perfect for pork lovers. And above is 2 servings, so 1 claypot is meant for 1 person. Just take note when ordering.

2nd trademark dish of the place, Xo fish head noodle is served with lai see fun (laksa noodle). Very decent soup base with sourish hint of  ham choi (preserved vege). It's cooked with yam, tomatoes and probably XO sauce of course not to forget bony & skinny fish head. Goes really well with the heaty more salty claypot loh shu fun.

Top view of the presentation. Careful of the heat, but it's only temporary lasting bout 2 mins +/-. 

We also ordered their lemon plum juice drink and 2 glasses of soy drink. Soy drink is nice enough, not too watery but the lemon plum is will be better if a little more diluted.

Overall verdict is it's a decent place to have claypot loh shu fun, but both wifey and me agree that we get a better tasting XO fish head noodle at Kaki Bola Fish Head @ Mahkota Cheras. Plus at no additional charge, we can ask for fish meat instead of bony fish head there. Still this place is worth a try if you haven't visited before.

Total damage comes up to RM53.50 for 4 person + 1 kiddy.