Saturday, June 3, 2017

ATS Curry House Nasi Kandar Stall @ Kelana Jaya

It's good Friday, but no holiday here in Malaysia. Youngsters in group decided this place that's known for its mutton curry.

GPS location: 3.099204,101.6249611
Do a search via googlemap for PJ area ATS Curry..can't share map via mobile.
(updated below)

 The crowd tells me that it's pretty popular with locals at least. Serving is pretty fast. Just queue up wait till you reach the food counter, choose either briyani or white rice. Then by default the staff will give you taught cooked with yellow ginger. You get a choice of either fried fish, fried chicken and curry mutton.

Obviously went with mutton since this is what it's famous for. The portion served is pretty good. First taste of the curry reminds me of the same goodness of Mr Farrukh's stall back at PFS canteen. (Oops, he is one of our canteen legendary Nasi Kandar seller, retired just recently). Taste of curry is good, decently spiciness level and mutton is tender with no hint of milky taste nor any chewiness. No need hard chewing to be done, tender mutton meat is good. Thumbs up. But it's a made up stall so cleanliness and comfort level is to be expected - depends on weather.

 Goody food. Can fall asleep after lunch

 One of buddy's special ordered mutton. Nice, his order of this dish, drinks and rice with vegetables , egg and fried chicken costs about RM3x. Ouch..

A closer look at my order.

RM14 for the white rice, mutton, vegetable and fried egg. RM2 for the teh o ais limau.