Saturday, June 3, 2017

Beyond -hoi guo tin kong

Credit to whyqueue's original post here. Legendary song with much meaning for everyone. tag it here for myself.

hai kuo tian kong (cantonese pronounciation)

Hai Kuo Tian Kong

kam tin ngo hon yeh lui hon syuit piew ko
(today,in a cold night, i see snow dropping)
y tziok lang kap liew tek sam wo piew yuen fong
(carrying a lonely soul travelling far away)
fung yue lui chui kon mou lui fan pat cheng yeng tzong
(running in the storm, cannot different shadow in the mist)
tin hong hoi fut lei yue ngo, ho wui pin
(sky and wide ocean, just me and u,it may change)

tho siew chi,ying chiok lang ngan yue tzau siew
(a few times, face with cold look and laughter)
chong mut yau fong hei ko sam zhong tek lei siong
(but never give up dream/hope in the heart)
yat sat na fong fatt yiok yau so sat tek kam kok
(suddenly feel like something missing)
pat tzi pat kok yi pin tam sam lui ngoi
(didnt realize the love has faded)

yuen leong ngo tze yat sang pat kei fong chung ngoi tzi yau
(forgive me this whole life never let go (love) freedom)
ya wui pa yau yat tin wui tit tou
(also scared that will fall one day)
bui hei liew lei seong sui yan tow ho yi
(ignoring the dreams everybody also can)
na wui pa yau yat tien tzi nei kong ngo
(but never scared that one day there will b only u and me)

ying yin tzi yau tzi ngo
(still going strong by myself)
weng yuen kou chiong ngo ko tzau pin cin lei
(will sing my song forever run across a thousand miles)