Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is this the end?

This one is not applied by me lately, but one year ago. Got called for interview, and the hiring guy wanted to make it this week. So here I go today.

Good omen in the morning? Great pull in a while. Chow pls show me the light?

I can't see the light at the end already nowadays, in a very dangerous situation, which is losing passion in what I do.

Well who doesn't? A rape victim sure is unwilling yea..or can the so called victim of circumstances be passionate about what they are forced into?

What I feel after the 1.5 hr session... everything seems pretty ok. I forgot to ask one pretty important question, how this vacancy comes about. Anyway, it's another leap of faith, if fate allows it.

#update: looks like i got a VIP session ahead even of Jobstreet post. It pops up in my inbox this morning, same company same position @@ guess some waiting needs to be done.

#update2: now i know why its been quiet. coincidentally i went to a customer's farewell dinner. he took a job there, the gap i hope i can fill in. damn, the rival is too strong. what to do. at least i figured out more or less what happened.