Monday, March 13, 2017

Pressure outside work

Lately have so many unsettled things to close, not work related. A tenancy agreement to stamp that's missing now...Need to find it. A car to buy by end of month..Must view this week..Not sure how long is the actual purchase time needed.
Change ownership tnb (need rm500 deposit) pay for stamp and water... Cukai pintu. The issue with previous owner not happy with lawyer holding their deposit, thus not Handing over last set of keys , fuse and misc items for auto gate, house alarm. This guy is being an old piece of pain in the ass. We foresee possible settlement by peacemaker agent G to make an appointment with onwer us and contractor to settle all at one go asap since the rectification period ends this month. Such timing to start not cooperating. Such timing for SIL to out of blue decide that she wanted to go back just because she feel not needed here. All this just because they are not happy with one little something.....Sigh...Stressed....