Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Visit to HUKM KL

Baby E having fever, sore throat and coughing since 2pm yesterday. Early morning we decided it's to pay the hospital a visit. Coughing has been~3 weeks.

Upon arrival at emergency, we first show the birth cert to counter. Get a consultation with a nurse. We waited quite some time here and there due to some funny unclear process the hospital has..

The nurse will provide a slip with number.
Bring this to next registration counter. Yes the slip with number is useless to queue at doctor. Once registered again at registration counter, we were referred to payment counter. There wifey need to refer to Hermis # something that can waive the fee for government staff. Other than that it's pay up first.

Next ,we waited for x Ray result. Blood test result and then immediately got warded as it's suspected as TB infection. So many doctor, in trainingss whatever come by.

Fast forward one rough week. MIL follow me every morning , drop her to hospital with wifey staying there. And last Saturday staying overnight at hospital ...Finally we can discharge as it's just a normal lung infection. It's daily torture as baby E cries and is traumatized by the blood drawing each time.

Once TB test is negative they basically leave us alone. I met a high school mate here, SH Tan...Being a doctor is really taxing n rough. Sacrificed a lot, just like the doctor I spoke to briefly...'We are only human'