Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bi chia bak @ Medan Selera Top One, Taman Desa Damai (opposite CIMB)

This is the place where the sell the same type of Bi chia bak (noodle soup) at centre of pekan Bukit Mertajam. That original stalled did once went to newspaper for a wrong reason - below par hygiene level. Anyway, the stall still has it's back to back generation of fan base for it's very nice chili and very smooth bi chia bak.

GPS location: 5.3641703,100.4443918

Parking is 'free' around this place, well illegally. Carpark lots actually need a coupon display you buy at nearby convenience stall. Since police rarely make rounds here, it's fine as long as you park inside the carpark lot markings but still at your own risk.

This food court serves the same bi chia bak and from the looks of it, same standard of food but at cleaner environment. My bro & SIL is a big fan and regular customer :)