Monday, April 10, 2017

10 things to do for 35 to 55 years by ck5354

nice sharing by ck's blogpost. mostly chinese so then translation is a bit skewed to me.
Anyway, it's a good reminder to my (or your) busy daily struggle/drag whatever your situation is in. Be strong & keep going!

Excerpts from the blog - banana version

1、这个年龄已经不允许你不成熟 ( Be mature, let go)
2、储蓄友谊 ( Collect Friendship, this one need to keep it up)
3、播种善良 ( Charity - must do more)
4、懂得音乐 ( Enjoy music)
5、避开两种苦 ( Can't get and Love)
6、学会承受 ( Learn to be responsible, Okay)
7、保留感恩的心 ( Appreciate what you have, Okay)
8、热爱工作 ( Love your job, Okay)
9、善于学习 ( Learn, Okay)
10、享受运动 ( Enjoy Sport/Exercise, this one must keep it up)