Thursday, January 5, 2017

Qi Xiang Fish Head Steamboat @ Raja Uda, Butterworth

Mum decided for steamboat dinner near Raja Uda area. This is on comfy shop to have steamboat in aircon shop-at least at the time we visited as it's less crowded at the time ~8.30pm.

GPS location: 5.4300694,100.381862

Parking seems hard to find, we had to part on open space beside the lot. There are 2 attendants standing watch for the carpark with their lazy chairs placed nearby so it looks pretty secure. Costs RM2 per car.

This is the one I'm talking about, was googling about for it, seems like its uniquely a Malaysian thing - aka 'Kuaile Lazy Chairs' or so TIL :P

No idea what it writes haha.

Order the main soup that comes with pieces of fried fish head, then make order ala HK restaurant style of steamboat ingredients. They also serve a imitation abalone, which i think tastes almost like the real thing. We ordered a jar of chrysanthemum drink which goes perfectly with the meal.

Main big soup @ RM60 , with generous orders of sides/ingredients total up the cost at RM175 for 8 adults + 1 toddler. Average of RM20 per pax quite a good price considering we don't order noodles/rice at all and still get stuffed at the end of the meal.

Steamboat has always been superb on winter/in very cold places where you get to eat steamy hot steamboat to warm you up as you gobble up soup , veges and usually meat/balls accompanied with spiced condiments. Enough said on usual steamboat fantasies, at the time we visited we experienced similar environment- the not too crowded eatery means the aircon is colder so, it really builds up the mood for eating steamboat :)

The soup base is outstanding, sweetness from yam with a hint of saltiness. It's almost perfect as i can have a few bowl of just the soup. The fried fu zuk or tau kee , fish and veges also helps make the soup too good to resist. I came with my stomach half full, and thought i will be sick halfway through the meal, but this place proves my stomach/perception that your senses dulls if your stomach is full wrong. Interestingly the soup is not cooked with ham choi or salted vege, so this one is more skewed to northern style fish head yam soup.

Thumbs up, would recommend this to all you steamboat lovers out there.