Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lazada: My first time use experience - microSD card

This is my first time using Lazada and it's pretty impressive what good deals you can find, if you try hard enough searching. After searching & comparing for a while, i got a grasp of average pricing for a class 10 microSD card 128Gb which is around RM90+/-. Good thing about lazada is they do free shipping.

Placed my order on this date: 9th-Jan-2017
Received on

Thumbs up for the efficiency.

I received additional items along with my order, which is a nice surprise. A USB LED light, well still its free even if it's not very useful and a SD card reader, now that is pretty nice.

Upon plug in , my Mate 8 detects a potentially slow card on a class 10? sd card. Hmm..maybe it's a pirated version and some message saying that this card maybe corrupted. Google a bit & after formatting the card , i have not seen these 2 message anymore.

Don't notice any sluggish response when i take photo, view gallery & play video. So it's all good enough for me. Let's see far/long this little guy-huge capacity can go.

Thumbs up to Lazada for giving me a pleasant purchase experience =)

Update: nothing comes too cheap. Let this be lesson to my silly self LOL...Can't be a RM35 price for 128GB...It's practically useless since it randomly corrupts files which beats the purpose of having an SD card. Well...I'll stick to market price and branded product from now i guess at least for this range of products and due to rband reliability. Should've gone with RM 90+/- Kingston or scandisk 🤔😓