Monday, January 16, 2017

Murni Discovery @ Kelana Jaya

It's a bad pic i know LOL. Can't do much as i stand too near the staircase wall when snapping haha.

GPS location:3.1014129,101.5999935,14

Parking as usual at this area is a bit a hassle, just park around in front of shop houses.

This place is supposedly quite atas aka classy than your standard mamak stall with more fancy dishes version of mamak at a slightly higher price. It's a cozy eatery with quite good environment (here is the 2nd floor interior shown). Service is quite fast and there is huge selection to choose from.

Ordered a sirap bandung, forgot the actualy price ~RM3 i think.

My order of German maggi , which is not too bad. It's portion is big, just like a dry version of curry maggi sup, must say the noddles is quite bouncy good compared to it's maggi goreng. It's not really a healthy choice i guess, considering i just gobbled up at least 2-3 weeks worth of maggi quota haha.

Total costs RM 9.50 including drinks. Quite nice place to hang out with friends i guess, only thing i dislike is their tendency to stick the ticket of your order into your plate. I had one sticker on the cup which is ok, but the ones swimming at the edge of my plate's a bit of a turn off frankly speaking. Again not a bad place, as its famous franchise known to serve big portions of food at decent standard taste & quality.