Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Peeling paint Solution

Part 2 of painting wall. This time it's water type paint. But one old and cheap bastard I don't know is using super cheap paint or very poor workmanship with long overdue repainting to be done left a mess there.. This become a pain in the ass.

Google and youtube a bit, and found that need some filling compound or some ang mohs call the paint primer, let dry, then sandpaper the surface before can repaint.

No matter how many times we paint, when got flaking/peeling paint surface it will look like below :(

Went to hardware shop & they sell me a bag of plaster/filling powder and also got 1 piece of those black colored sandpaper for the job. Total cost RM3.

Just need to mix to water a little at a time, this thing dries up pretty fast and start pasting it over the surface. Was sitting there waiting for it to dry, apparently need 1-2 days to dry =_=||


When trying to pain the bathroom side leak, then only realized that cannot paint over, ask flaking paint due to water leak will peel, end up need to scrape out all the 'bloated' paint. An easy repaint job becomes so much more work.