Monday, January 9, 2017

getfit2016 conclusion & getfit2017 goals

Last time i check my weight in Nov 2016, in total i lost about 3~ kg after i started jogging on regular basis starting from March 2016 except for Dec month where personal circumstances prevents me from doing so and May where i traveled to Shenzhen for ~3 weeks.

The rest of the getfit2016 summary can summarize below;

My getfit2017 goal is to upgrade each baseline run to 5.5KM for H1 and raise it to 6KM for H2. End of this duration basically go slow till i hit 35-40 minutes minimum. Might consider core training either pre/post jog, but time is abit constrained.

Mapmyrun i already uninstalled from phone to remove clutter, so it does seem to stop updating from then onwards.

Here is towards a better and more successful getfit2017. Hope all my personal agendas can fully settle down by May 2017.