Friday, January 13, 2017

Swap your own T8 flouroscent to LED T5 lamp

Since young time, i rarely see my family fix anything at home, leaking tap /pipe or broken lights all also hire people. 

Today everything very expensive, but we live in ICT era where information is easily accesible via Mr G(oogle) and there is MR DIY everywhere. For a flourescent light with old legacy style fixture (the holder), i called one contractor and he quoted RM60 together with purchase of lamp. That is ~RM4x for installation work along, that also considering that he is willing to do swapping of 2-3 sets of flourescent light, some might even refuse because not much to earn ma.

First of all, safety is most important. Electrocuted dude, is not a happy MR DIY.

Get a Voltage Detector, this one runs on AAA battery. Just turn on light switch & watch the LED & beeper goes wild. That is to detect the live wire since cabling standards can be quite messed up depending on what the contractor likes at the time of installation.

Have to use this thing for nerdy/noobie people that just start DIY, better be safe than shocked.

Even went to MR DIY to read some manual of rewiring T8 fixture to use T8 tubes on old fixtures.

Even google up what is ballast, fuse and fixtures during the process. 

First attempt didn't go so well. Figured out how to unscrew fixture & dismantle it. This is some weird classic T8 fixture and in it slotted with a T5 fixture to accomodate T5 light using legacy T8 fixture.

Burnt my first cable. Very simple mistake, having wire tape the 3 cables together. After observing how my contractor works, i figured out that these cables need to be separated. When AC current runs, it can get qutie hot and short/burn the wires like below.

And using this triangle connector is silly. The expert told me, this thing has nothing to do with installing fluorescent light wiring. Now i see, why i screwed up thinking that this is the connector =.=''

Finally after some advice from experienced bro, and observation i tried again. My chance came quite fast. Right side live, left side neutral and middle earth. Finally succeeded. Proud of myself LOL

Hire cost: 

a) change light RM60 per set

a) buy voltage detector ~RM15
b) buy new yellow T5 LED light RM12.50
c) spend time to try ~3 hours on site
Total DIY cost = RM22.50.

Next time i change if i do T8 LED tube, it's ~RM20 as cost per light. LED suppose saves electricity alot more & can last ~15 to 20 years. 

But need invest in drille since standard flourescent light wiring is in middle, LED light can connect on its side. 

In the mean time, invested the RM30+ for emulsion paint and RM20 x2 gloss paint for repainting metal gate & part of house wall. Scraping tool and plaster material + sandpaper costs less than RM10.
The rest is invest own time to make own house nice. Not so bad, at least it's my own haha.